Are you just getting into the Toyota Land Cruiser scene? Give this article a read from the folks at MotorTrend as test drive each one!
Toyota Land Cruiser Review: From the FJ40 to the 200 Series, We Drive Them All

Yes, they line them all up and take each one for a drive and give us their driving impressions. The FJ40, a FJ55, a FJ60, a FJ80, a 100-Series and 200-Series. One of these might just tickle your fancy! But those are all stock vehicles! Once you make your decision on what model of Land Cruiser you belong to, we will take care of the rest in making what modifications and personalization you may what. But what do you want? Give is a call and we will walk you through what you might want AND what the rig actually needs. Yes, the rig has it’s own needs before your wants! From simple suspension mods to full frame-off showroom floor restorations, we do it all!

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