Looking for that JDM wheel to go onto your JDM 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser?
These are authentic factory Toyota steel wheels specifically for 80-Series with the proper back spacing / offset at the 16 X 8 size to fit your 35″+ tires.

Wheel, Steel – Toyota 42601 – 60362 NON-US Spec 80-Series
J 16X8 JJ DOT TOPY 512 20 5.5
Offset: Zero
Backspacing: 4.5″
Type: E
Color: Metallic Silver
Material: Steel

$260.94 + shipping

Call M-F: Phone (719) 638-2003
Address: 1050 Ford Street
Colorado Springs, CO


J 16X8 JJ DOT TOPY 512 20 5.5
J – Japan
16″ – wheel diameter
8″ – wheel width
JJ – Lip Flange Shape
DOT – Department Of Transportation
TOPY – Topy Industries, Ltd, Japan (wheel manufacturer)
512 20 – Some Toyota code
5.5 – Bolt pattern

These wheels are HEAVY-DUTY weighting in at 41.49-lbs (18.82kg) each!

If you are converting your 80-Series rear axle from the factory simi-float rear axle to a (93-97) full-float rear axle with rear disc brakes, you will need 16″ wheels to clear the rear disk brake calipers. These NON-US / JDM-Spec steel wheels would make for a very authentic looking 80-Series!

– Backspace 4.5″
– Center Bore: 106.1 mm
– Pitch Center Dia: 6X139.7 (6X5.5)
– Thread Size: M12 X 1.5

This new Toyota Part Number: 42601-60362 replaces these previous part numbers; 42601-60360, 42601-60360-03, 42601-60361

Call M-F: Phone (719) 638-2003
Address: 1050 Ford Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915-2909



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