Looking for that perfect JDM wheel for your JDM or USDM 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser? These are authentic factory Toyota steel wheels specifically design for heavy use on 80-Series Toyota Land Cruisers. These OE steel wheels have the proper back spacing / offset at the 16 X 8 size. This combination is perfect for fitting 35″+ tires on your Land Cruiser. There is very little information about these wheels and their specific design purpose or use, but as we all know, the Toyota Land Cruiser see’s both industrial and military use oversea’s.

Wheel, Steel – Toyota 42601 – 60362 NON-US Spec 80-Series
J 16X8 JJ DOT TOPY 512 20 5.5
Offset: Zero
Backspacing: 4.5″
Type: E
Color: Metallic Silver
Material: Steel

$260.94 + shipping

Call M-F: Phone (719) 638-2003
Address: 1050 Ford Street
Colorado Springs, CO


J 16X8 JJ DOT TOPY 512 20 5.5
J – Japan
16″ – wheel diameter
8″ – wheel width
JJ – Lip Flange Shape
DOT – Department Of Transportation
TOPY – Topy Industries, Ltd, Japan (wheel manufacturer)
512 20 – Some Toyota code
5.5 – Bolt pattern

These wheels are HEAVY-DUTY weighting in at 41.49-lbs (18.82kg) each! These are not just some “run of the mill” steelies used for spare tires, these are designed for heavy duty use under harsh conditions!

If you are converting your 80-Series rear axle from the factory simi-float rear axle to a (93-97) full-float rear axle with rear disc brakes, you will need 16″ wheels to clear the rear disk brake calipers. These NON-US / JDM-Spec steel wheels would make for a very authentic looking 80-Series!

– Backspace 4.5″
– Center Bore: 106.1 mm
– Pitch Center Dia: 6X139.7 (6X5.5)
– Thread Size: M12 X 1.5

This new Toyota Part Number: 42601-60362 replaces these previous part numbers; 42601-60360, 42601-60360-03, 42601-60361

Call M-F: Phone (719) 638-2003
Address: 1050 Ford Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915-2909


Notice the wheel clearance to body? We achieved this with the
80 Series DIY Front Axle Relocation Kit 


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