Make your cruiser great again with the antiviral oil!

Engine oil type is often an afterthought for most. Here at Redline we often hear people say things like: As long as it is the right weight it is good enough, right?! I use full synthetic because I want the best for my engine. The oil still looks clean enough… it doesn’t need to be changed.

Redline Land Cruisers would like to take a minute and share with you the engine oils that we have found the produce the best results. We have rebuilt 100s of Land Cruiser and other classic Toyota engines over our years. This has allowed us to find the oils that setup Toyota engines for long term success. We are mainly focused on the classic Toyota engines 1996 and older. Modern engines do good with most of the full synthetic engine oils. We have found engines with a catalytic converter love the Royal Purple XPS. Here at Redline Land Cruisers we only use Royal Purple XPS on all modern engines.

Royal Purple is a great oil and we even use their engine assembly and break-in oil on all engines regardless of age or type. However, for engines that are not equipped with catalytic converters, we only use Driven Racing Oil GP-1 Synthetic Blend. This oil is very well known in the classic car community and is often referred to as the “green oil”. It features a proprietary compound that is specifically designed for classic engines without catalytic converters. This compound makes the oil a green color and that is where the name comes from. The compound is so important to providing less build up inside the engine and providing long engine life. This formula is well known for providing less wear on essential engine components. It also features Zinc addictive than older engines need to provide extra lubrication on startup. This oil holds up to the high pressure of the engine very well and breakdowns slower than other oils. This is why Driven Racing Oil GP-1 is the only engine oil that Red Line Land Cruisers uses on vehicles that are not running a catalytic converter. The reason that the catalytic converter is so important when choosing an oil is that the green proprietary compound can cause damage to the catalytic converter.

Little brief history:

Now the Driven Racing GP-1 oil is not the “original green oil”. The original formula was sold under the Penngrade brand. It was developed and sold by Brad Penn. Then in Early 2019 Brad sold Penngrade but kept the patent to the true original green oil. He has since licensed the formula to Driven. Now the oil sold by Penngrade is still great, but it is now dye green and is not the true original green oil and such can be used on an engine equipped with catalytic converters. The true original green oil is sold now by Driven Racing Oil and is what Red Line Land Cruiser Prefers.

Oil engine is very important to the longevity of your engine, you have invested your time and money on your Land Cruiser don’t short your engine life with low-quality oil.

Best oil engine of old land cruisers