FJ40, FJ55, and FJ60 Colors and Color Codes
FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 Color Codes for Painting Your Land Cruiser

We’re working on putting together an informative page with a list of FJ40, FJ55, and FJ60 colors and color codes. We’d love it if you would share pics of your Cruiser(s) for us to include on this page so other Cruiserheads can get see what colors are out there and use this page as a resource for their restoration. If you send us pics of your Cruiser, we’ll send you a Red Line sticker! Simply fill out the form below and be sure to follow these guidelines when uploading your photo:

  • Upload high res photos
  • Use a good camera to take the pics
  • Upload up to 12 photos
  • If possible, include a side profile, close up near one of the Toyota emblems, shot from the back, shot from the front, etc.

1977 FJ40 – Rustic Green 621

1977 FJ40 – Mustard Yellow 532

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