Are you an avid Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiast?
Do you collect art or does you significant other have the whole house decorated in a manor that does not include a little of your personal flair? Maybe we can help point you in an artful direction to help bring a little of your Land Cruiser passion into your home, depicted in a tasteful manor suitable for framing and hanging in the best of homes! Maybe you can conspire with your buddy and exchange gifts for the holidays so you can… “HONEY! LOOK WHAT BRUCE GAVE US FOR THE HOUSE!!!!” Or, maybe you are taking your garage to the designer level and expanding your garage life! Below are some nice gems we have found suitable for framing!

Plaid Land Cruiser Art Print by Cleomade at

FJ40 No.1 by Adam Ambro Designs


Toyota Land Cruiser Silver By Yoshiharu Miyakawa at Fine Art America


Retro Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 in Limoncello Yellow By Andrea Helm at Etsy


Toyota Land Cruiser 1964 is a painting by Geoff Latter at Fine Art America


Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 by Myles Laurence Art

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