Coolest Overlanding Rigs We Saw At SEMA 2022

We concur with MEN’S JOURNAL!!! We simply love 80-Series Toyota Land Cruisers!

Michael Teo Van Runkle of Men’s Journal wrote: “Not every overlander needs to start with a brand-new truck or SUV—even fewer will escalate north of seven figures—and out on the trail, budget builds dot the desert much more frequently. So-called “Toyota tax” aside, this 80 Series Land Cruiser on display for Maxxis tires brought a more accurate representation of average overlanding with a simple roof rack and awning, a swing-out rear tire carrier, rock sliders and, of course, the upsized 35-inch Maxxis Razr all-terrains that transform one of Toyota’s most iconic SUVs into a legit off-roader capable of conquering all but the gnarliest terrain.”

Here at Red Line Land Cruisers, we are quite fond of the 80-Series Land Cruisers! We are known for our 40-Series Land Cruiser service, repair and restoration work starting back in 2007. But over those past 15-years, life and family’s grew but the outdoor four wheel drive lifestyle did not change, thus the move to our personal use of the 80-Series platform. It’s the last of the robust straight axle design! For us, the 80-Series is the last of that great TLC legacy! The 100-Series guys got the motor, but at the sacrifice of the suspension. We will always take the suspension over the motor as the suspension is the bones. We can alway add more motor!

Back to the subject of Overlanding and SEMA 2022 as Scott Brady and Brian McVickers of Overland Journal discuss SEMA 2022 and the new innovations from Toyota and the future of Overland travel.


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