Top 5 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser Modifications

We all know that the 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser is the “new 40-Series” in the Land Cruiser “sought-after-tivity” daily search. Why does anyone want a 26 to 32 year old vehicle (as of this 2023 writing)? The Toyota 80-Series platform is the last of the extra robust solid axle equipped of Land Cruiser chassis that many four wheel drive enthusiast demand.

While the 100-Series Land Cruiser was updated to the 2UZ-FE 4.7-liter V8 that all 80-Series owners would love, but not at the sacrifice of the straight axle suspension package that is at the top of the list for 80-Series enthusiast. Just ask any 1991 – 1992 FJ80 owner with their “under-powered” 3FE engines that was a carry-over-engine from the FJ62’s. They still love their 80-Series Land Cruisers for its straight-axle off-road ability regardless of how underpowered it is! Once the FJ80 touches dirt, the 3FE is a proven reliable engine platform.

• 1991 – 1992 FJ80 / 3FE engine
• 1993 – 1996 FZJ80 / 1FZ-FE engine

Top 5 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser Modifications
The Toyota Land Cruiser 80-series is a popular platform for modifications, and here are the top 5 most common areas modifications:
1] Suspension Upgrade: One of the most common modifications for the 80-series Land Cruiser is upgrading the suspension to improve off-road performance and to support additional vehicle weight for such items as winch, aftermarket heavy duty bumpers, rock-sliders, roof racks, roof top tents and additional overland equipment. This typically involves installing larger, high-performance shocks, springs, and stabilizer bars. This modification also makes it easer to install larger tires for more off-road capability.
2] Tire and Wheel Upgrade: Another common modification is upgrading the tires and wheels. The 80-series Land Cruiser is capable of fitting larger tires, which can provide better off-road traction and clearance. Larger tires also lends to better ride comfort when offroading. Upgrading to a set of high-quality wheels can also improve the vehicle’s overall appearance.

3] Exterior Upgrades: The 80-series Land Cruiser has a classic, rugged appearance, and many owners like to enhance this look with exterior upgrades. This can include installing aftermarket bumpers, winches, rock-sliders, lighting, roof racks, roof top tents and additional exterior overland equipment and accessories.

4] Interior Upgrades: Many 80-series Land Cruiser owners like to upgrade the interior for added comfort and convenience. This can include installing new seats, navigation and communication systems, complete drawer systems and other upgrades to improve the vehicle’s overall functionality to suit offroad adventures.

5] Engine Performance / Maintenance Upgrade: The 80-series Land Cruiser is equipped with the 3FE inline six engine with single overhead cam (1991 – 1992) and the 1FZ-FE (1993-1997) inline six engine with a dual overhead cam. Both engines are very reliable and capable of high mileage use into the 400,000-mile range. As most 80-Series are turned over to new ownership, the majority will be spent on bringing all the maintenance back to spec or up to date as most previous owners seem to neglect the service intervals. Most importantly is servicing the cooling system! Read our blog post: “Elevation Doesn’t Care! Keeping Land Cruisers Cool!

The use of a air-inlet snorkel (primarily for deep water crossing) has almost become a “fashion statement” for a lot of 80-Series enthusiast, but it does help with bringing in cooler air to the air filter canister that is located in the heated engine compartment. Yes, the air cleaner typically breaths from the fenderwell area, but that can be a dusty environment when offroading.

Most 80-Series owners simply want the most reliability from their engine for more remote use of the vehicle. The addition of dual batteries, on-board air compressors, electrical switching systems will most commonly be installed within the engine compartment. These are just a few of the most popular modifications for the 80-series Land Cruiser, but there are many others that can be done to further customize and improve the vehicle.
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