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SOLD! 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40


1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Owner’s Description:

I am selling my restored FJ40 with the help of Red Line Land Cruisers of Colorado Springs. Red Line Land Cruisers is  putting the finishing touches on the restored cruiser and handling the sale for me. I figured knowledgeable buyers will appreciate Redline’s experience and un-biased opinion of the quality of this FJ40.

For a full list of parts, download the spreadsheet I used to track expenses and all detail on the parts

Stuff you won’t find on your run of the mill restored FJ40, but this ones got!

-Frame off restoration of Arizona FJ40 Land Cruiser = No Rust

-Only installed Toyota parts extensively, no retrofitting of domestic parts

-Engine rebuilt by Man-A-Fre’s machine shop, new carb, alternator etc.

-New model 4 speed H41 low range transmission – fully rebuilt

-New model split transfer case – fully rebuilt*

-New model full floating rear axle with Toyota Land Cruiser e-locker and upgraded rear drum brakes with parking brakes – fully rebuilt

-Front axle has Toyota Land Cruiser cable locker front locker, Toyota Land Cruiser disc brakes and HD Toyota calipers, Aisin locking hubs – fully rebuilt

-​Body and associated body parts chemically stripped via dunk tank at Redi Strip, then primed and painted
Toyota power brakes and power steering.

*Full Disclosure
It’s not perfect, but damn close.  I sent it to Justin at Redline to help sort it out and finish the restoration.  It needs a new dash pad ($600) or dash cap ($100) and a few other small odds and ends and any custom mods you want Redline to add as personal preference. Price is  $31,000  delivered to you in the continental 48 states.

Test Drive Video:


Restoration Photos:

(not necessarily in order)



SOLD! 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, Rust-Free, Clean & Beautiful


1989 Toyota LandCruiser FJ62
209k miles
Excellent condition inside and out!

Questions? Contact Justin Robbins at (719) 210-0101 or info@RedLineLandCruisers.com


This 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 has the white exterior and blueish/greyish interior. It is in all-original condition all the way down to the original tool bag and jack. The only thing not original is the  radio, but that can be easily be replaced with an original AM/FM radio. It has spent it’s life in dry climates in California and Colorado and thus this FJ62 is in impeccable condition and is 99.9% rust free. The underside, including the rocker panels, wheel wells and other vulnerable areas, where you will commonly find rust eating away at the body, are completely rust free. The interior of this FJ62 is pristine. The original carpet is in excellent condition and the headliner is perfect with no tears or stains whatsoever. The vehicle was papered and babied since 1989 and it shows. The dash is perfect without any cracks, the heater, A/C blows super cold.


  • Power steering
  • Power locks and windows
  • Automatic transmission
  • 4×4 High / Low Range
  • Unlike the FJ60, the rear bench seats have shoulder belts (except for the middle seat which has a lap belt)
  • 6 cylinder
  • Class IV tow hitch
  • Front bucket seats
  • AM/FM CD Player with XM Satellite Radio
  • Original tool bag and jack

Vehicle Highlights:

  • All fluids changed (axles, tranny, t-case, oil/filter, coolant, etc.)
  • Rebuilt radiator
  • New fan clutch
  • Converted A/C system to R134 from R12 (they won’t let you run R12 anymore so we converted this for you)
  • A/C blows super cold
  • New Toyota OEM, brand new front bumper

Known Issues:

This FJ62 has been thoroughly inspected and gone over and the following items have been uncovered. None of them are critical fixes.             

  • The front axle will need to be rebuilt. This is a common issue with Land Cruisers and it can be driven like this without issue as long as you check the fluid levels every couple months. We can have the front axle rebuilt for the winning bidder prior to delivery.
  • The front driver’s seat has a small tear on the side. This is very common and we can work to help get this fixed.
  • One small ding the size of a quarter by the rear bumper on the left side. Easily repaired by a good body shop.

Other Info:

  • We can help with delivery as we have used a well-respected and trustworthy auto shipper for years. His prices are very reasonable and he’s easy to work with. If you prefer we partner with an auto shipper of your choosing, or would like to arrange for us to pick you up at either the Denver (DEN) Airport or the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) we are happy to help.


Now Hiring a Toyota Mechanic

Toyota Technician Needed

Now Hiring Sign

TO APPLY: Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Are you looking for a job with a reputable Toyota Land Cruiser repair shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado? Are you passionate about 4×4’s, Toyotas, Land Cruisers, or automotive repair?

Red Line Land Cruisers of Colorado Springs is looking for an experienced Toyota Technician to join our growing team of mechanics, welders, fabricators, and Toyota Land Cruiser experts. 30-40 hours of work per week.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be passionate about Toyota’s, especially vintage Toyota Land Cruisers
  • Must have at least 2-3 years experience working on Toyotas
  • Welding experience a plus
  • If you have your own tools, that’s a plus, too

TO APPLY – please fill out this form. If you’re on a mobile device, or can’t see the form, use the simple form here.

FJ40 Weatherstripping

FJ40 Weatherstripping – OEM vs Aftermarket

Are you looking to replace that worn out weatherstripping on your FJ40 doors? It’s tempting to go with the aftermarket weatherstripping. After all, it’s so much cheaper than the Toyota weatherstripping. But if you want rattle-free windows and doors on your FJ40, going with the aftermarket stuff is not the way to go.

Below is a picture of Toyota OEM weatherstripping vs. aftermarket weatherstripping. As you can tell, the one on the left the good stuff from Toyota) is much beefier and fits installs perfectly. The cheaper stuff (on the right) leaves a gap for your window or door to rattle around.

FJ40 Weatherstripping

H55F 5 speed Transmission swap, Toyota Landcruiser

H55F 5 speed Transmission swap, Toyota Landcruiser

 The H55F 5 speed transmission swap is a very popular service here at Red Line. We will convert your Cruiser with a brand new H55F 5 speed transmission, and all the required parts needed, into a fully tested and turn key service.  This service will convert your existing  auto or manual transmission to the H55F. We can and usually do supply all the necessary t case components, Clutch and pedal components. Thats not always the case, You can supply parts need if you have them. We recommend rebuilding the split t-case to go along with this new 5 speed. Please call us for a quote on this conversion. Pricing usually starts at  5,000$

FJ70 Land Cruiser Desktop Background

Toyota Land Cruiser History

Toyota Land Cruiser history is a bit scattershot. There are several good websites out there, including one from Toyota’s worldwide website, that covers the history of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Over the next few months, we’re going to work on providing as much history as we can on vintage FJ25, FJ30, FJ40, FJ42, FJ45, FJ55, FJ60, FJ62, FJ80, and other Land Cruisers.

Here are a few links to the websites out there that have already covered the history of the Land Cruiser

Toyota’s Worldwide Website

Toyota’s UK Blog



Expedition Portal

Edmunds (for newer Land Cruisers)

Land Cruiser Series Chronology / History / Timeline

Here is the timeline, according to Toyota (with a few snarky comments added by Red Line)

1950 – Development of the BJ model prototype begins in Japan
1954 –BJ takes on name of Land Cruiser
1955 –F-series 3.8L 6-cylinder engine adopted
1958 –CY September, 1958 – Land Cruiser introduced to United States
1958 –First hard-top version produced
1961 –Pickup truck and wagon Land Cruiser version  introduced in Japan
1961-1965 –Land Cruiser is the best selling Toyota in the U.S.A
1967 –New station wagon version introduced – the FJ55 (and the Iron Pig is born!)
1968 -The 100,000th Land Cruiser is sold worldwide
1972 -The 200,000th Land Cruiser is sold worldwide
1973 -The 300,000th Land Cruiser is sold worldwide
1975 –4.2L engine released
1980 –Second-generation station wagon introduced – the FJ60
1980 –The Toyota Land Cruiser is named “4×4 of the Year” in Off-Road Magazine
1981 -The 1,000,000th Land Cruiser is sold
1983 –The last year the  FJ40 is sold in the USA (if you have one…email us…we want it!)
1988 –Minor updates made to the FJ60
1990 –The Land Cruiser is named “Best Buy,” Consumer’s Digest
1990 – The 2,000,000th Land Cruiser is sold
1991 –The FJ80 is released – it’s the third generation station wagon
1991 –Full-time four-wheel drive introduced
1991 –Land Cruiser a “Best Buy” according to Consumer’s Digest
1991 –Land Cruiser called the “Best Full-Size SUV in Customer Satisfaction”  by J.D. Power & Associates
1992 –Named “Best Full-Sized Sport Utility” in IQS, CSI, and J.D. Power
1992 –Among “Best Buys” – Consumers Digest
1993 –The 4.5L engine introduced
1993 –Named “Best Full-Sized Sport Utility” in IQS, J.D. Power
1993 –Among “Best Buys,” Consumers Digest
1994 –Among “Best Buys” – Consumers Digest
1995 –At mid-year intro, the FJ80 receives updated grille, standard dual airbags, and ABS
1996 –J.D. Power calls the Land Cruiser “Best Full-Size SUV in Initial Quality”
1997 –Land Cruiser called “Luxury SUV Best Buy,” Four Wheeler
1997 –“Best Overall Truck:  Resale Value After Three Years of Ownership” – ADP Autosource Survey
1997 –“1997 Top Three Vehicles in Initial Quality-Full-Size Segment,” J.D. Power
1998 –The FJ100 is released. It’s the fifth-generation Land Cruiser and is  powered by Toyota’s first-ever V8
1999 – “Best Full-Size Sport Utility Vehicle Segment,” J.D. Power
2000 –The FJ100 receives Active TRAC, VSC and EBD as standard equipment
2000 – Among Consumer Guide’s Recommended Premium Large Sport-Utility Vehicles
2001 – A DVD-based navigation system is available (wives everywhere rejoice)
2001 – Among Consumer Guide’s Recommended Premium Large Sport-Utility Vehicles
2002 – Consumer Reports“Most Reliable Large SUV
2002 – Intellichoice named “Best Overall Value Full-Size Sport Utility Class”
2002 – Among Consumer Guide’s “Recommended Premium Large Sport-Utility Vehicles”
2003 Receives minor interior, exterior and mechanical changes
2003 “Most Wanted Large SUV Over $45,000” Award by Edmunds.com
2003 – Among Consumer Guide’s “Best Buy Premium Large Sport-Utility Vehicles”
2004 – Backup camera is now available with Navigation system.
2004 – Consumer Reports“Most Satisfying” – Large SUVs, April 2005
2004 – Among Consumer Guide’s “Recommended Premium Large Sport-Utility Vehicles”
2005 –Among Consumer Guide’s 2005 “Best Buys Premium Large SUVs”
2005 – Consumer Reports“Most Reliable Sport-Utility Vehicles.”
2006 –Among Consumer Guide’s 2006 Best Buys Premium Large SUVs
2006 –“Four Wheeler of the Year,” Four Wheeler.
2006 -The FJ Cruiser is released. (It’s cool…and we love it…but they should have sprung for a removable top.)
2007 –Land Cruiser carries over with no exterior changes.  Driver and front passenger
seat-mounted side airbags and front and second-row side-curtain airbags become standard.
2008 –All-new seventh generation Land Cruiser is introduced for the 2008 model year.
2008 “4×4 of the Year” 4Wheeler & Off-Road Magazine
2009 – Intellichoice.com “Best overall Value of the Year” award – Utility SUV segment

From its humble beginnings in 1950 as a development project based on the design of the Willys Jeep, the Land Cruiser has taken its rightful place as Toyota’s flagship four-wheel-drive vehicle.

When the Land Cruiser (then named “Model BJ”) was first tested in August, 1951, it climbed to the sixth station on the trail to the top of Mt. Fuji – the first motor vehicle to perform this feat.  The first orders for the vehicle were from police and forestry departments because of its off-road abilities.  In 1954, when the BJ was formally named Land Cruiser, the vehicle officially entered mass-production, rather than being built on a made-to-order basis.  The following year, the original 85-horsepower diesel engine was replaced with a 125-horsepower 3.8L gasoline unit.

The formal introduction of the Land Cruiser to the U.S. came in 1958, and it was the best selling Toyota vehicle in the U.S. from 1961 to 1965.  During that time the line-up consisted of soft-top, open, and pickup versions.

In 1965, Land Cruiser moved toward the mainstream U.S. market with the introduction of the five-door station wagon.  The wagon was hailed as a vehicle that was competent enough to drive through the back country, yet was comfortable and powerful enough to drive on any public street.  Mid-1967 saw the U.S.-sales introduction of a hardtop version of the two-door, sales of which ceased in 1983 (although production ended in 1979).

In 1975, the 3.8L engine was replaced by a larger and more powerful 4.2L version, making the Land Cruiser easier to drive.  For the home market (Japan), Land Cruiser has almost always been available with a diesel engine – originally 3.2L, reintroduced at 3.0L in 1976, and updated to 3.2L again in 1979 – but it was never officially available in the U.S.

Since 1980, the U.S.-spec Land Cruiser has only been available in one body style – five-door station wagon.  It was replaced in 1991 by a larger, more luxurious vehicle that sported full-time four-wheel drive and a fully independent four-wheel coil-spring suspension.

In 1993, Land Cruiser grew up even further.  Now sporting a 24-valve, DOHC inline six-cylinder engine displacing 4.5L, Land Cruiser produced 212 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque, and was more than capable of pulling Land Cruiser’s 5153 pounds of curb weight.

The 1993 Land Cruiser offered optional leather upholstery, available seating for eight, an available compact-disc player, manually locking front and rear, and an automatic locking center differential.

Updates to the Land Cruiser for 1994 were limited to the addition of CFC-free air-conditioning.

In 1995, Land Cruiser took a large step toward additional passenger safety.  Along with a new grille featuring redesigned headlights, the 1995 Land Cruiser included, as standard equipment, both driver- and passenger-side airbags and adjustable shoulder-belt anchors.  These additions did nothing to diminish Land Cruiser’s off-the-road abilities, though, and it continued as the most refined, most capable four-wheel-drive vehicle on the market.

For 1998, Toyota introduced the fifth-generation Land Cruiser and the first all-new Land Cruiser since 1991.

The new Land Cruiser was larger, heavier, structurally more solid and substantially more powerful than its predecessor.  Yet it delivered improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and considerably quicker acceleration.  It also featured the first V8 engine in a Toyota Division vehicle.  Its all-new 4.7L 32-valve DOHC produced 230 horsepower, 18 more than its predecessor’s inline six-cylinder, and 320 lb-ft of torque, an improvement of 45 over the ’97 model.

For 1999 the Land Cruiser featured an independent rear automatic climate control system for added convenience and passenger comfort.

In 2000, Toyota again raised the benchmark in SUV performance and refinement by adding active traction control (Active TRAC), vehicle skid control (VSC) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) systems as standard equipment.  The Land Cruiser also added a six-disc in-dash CD player as standard.

For 2001, the Land Cruiser received a few additions.  It featured an available navigation system with a DVD player, standard auto dimming rear view mirror, an integrated compass in the rear view mirror (on models without the navigation system), JBL Premium three-in-one AM/FM/Cassette/CD six-disc in-dash changer with seven speakers with an available Electro Multi-Vision screen with center console six-disc CD player.

The Land Cruiser entered 2002 with additional equipment and improved value.  Third-row seats, automatic rear climate control system and HomeLink® became standard features.  The only available factory option was a DVD-based navigation system.

Along with an updated front grille, rear bumper, rear turn signals and interior, output by the 2003 Land Cruiser’s 4.7L V8 was increased by five horsepower. For the first time, Land Cruiser had rear seat audio and steering wheel audio controls as standard equipment, and a DVD rear seat entertainment system and SRS front and second-row side-curtain airbags became available.

The 2004 Land Cruiser introduced an available backup camera with the navigation system. New side privacy glass color was changed from bronze to dark green.

For 2005, 18-inch wheels became standard.

In 2006, the Land Cruiser received minor changes to the exterior and engine.  The 4.7L V8 engine became equipped with VVT-i and ETCS-i to produce 275 horsepower and 332 lb-ft torque.  Land Cruiser also gained LEVII status.  Adjustable Height Control and Adaptive Variable Suspension became options, while a Tire Pressure Monitor System became standard.

Exterior updates included a new grille, headlights, LED rear combination lamps, a high-gloss finish on the 18-inch wheels and an available rear spoiler.  Two new colors included Classic Silver and Pacific Blue.

The 2007 Land Cruiser carried over with no exterior changes.  Driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags and front and second-row side-curtain airbags become standard.

For the 2008 model year, the Land Cruiser was completely new, with a redesigned frame and chassis that offered superior strength and rigidity while enhancing towing capacity. Front suspension was a traditional double-wishbone design while the rear used a four-link coil-spring system and a solid axle. Brake rotors were vented and measure 13.4 inches up front and 13.6 inches at the rear, with four-piston calipers up front. Gas-pressure shock absorbers were used front and rear. Sitting atop this was a welded steel body that was 2.3 inches longer and 1.2 inches wider than the previous generation Land Cruiser.

The 2008 Series 200 Land Cruiser was powered by an all-new 5.7L (345 cid) DOHC V8 engine, known as the 3UR-FE, that used direct fuel injection, Toyota Direct Ignition, four valves per cylinder and a variable-length intake tract to produce 381 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 401 lb-ft of torque at 3,400 rpm. And it did this while burning regular 87-octane gasoline and while achieving ULEV II emissions status.

Toyota’s AB60F six-speed electronically controlled transmission was employed in the 2008 Land Cruiser. It distributed its power through the newly developed JF2A transfer case to provide fulltime four-wheel drive. This lightweight, compact, chain-driven unit offerd a standard 1:1 high ratio for highway travel and a low-range 2.618:1. The transfer case employed a locking TORSEN limited-slip locking center differential.

The 2008 Land Cruiser benefited from Toyota’s full line electronic driving aids, including Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), which varied chassis roll stiffness, depending on speed and suspension attitude; Multi-terrain Antilock Braking, which selected the optimal ABS profile depending on the driving surface; Electronic Brake Force Distribution; Active Traction Control (A-TRAC), Vehicle Skid Control (VSC); Hill Assist Control, which aided the driver during uphill starts; and CRAWL, which when activated with the Land Cruiser’s transfer case shifted into low range, controlled engine speed and output, along with braking force, to propel the vehicle forward at one of three selected, and very slow, speeds.

The 2008 Land Cruiser’s interior was upgraded for additional comfort and security, with Optitron gauges, seats designed to minimize whiplash injury in the event of a collision, and a system of eight airbags in the passenger cabin. These included two dual-stage airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger, two front side airbags, two rear side airbags and two curtain shield airbags. The latter employed a roll-sensing function so that should a rollover occur, the curtain airbags are deployed and the seatbelts for driver, front seat passenger, and the passengers in the outer seats in the second row, are pre-tensioned.

The 2009 Land Cruiser carried over unchanged with the exception of factory privacy glass on side and rear quarter windows.

Land Cruiser added a few enhancements for 2010 model year including the addition of privacy glass on the rear hatch and Safety Connect™ telematics system.  The audio system added integrated satellite radio with a 90-day trial subscription to XM Satellite Radio, Bluetooth® and an auxiliary audio jack/USB port.  New options included rain-sensing windshield wipers added to the Upgrade Package and a navigation system with XM NavTraffic.

For 2011 Land Cruiser added brake override technology as standard equipment.

Land Cruiser bypassed 2012 model designation due to a January 2012 launch of the 2013 model, which receives significant exterior and interior styling enhancements.   Additionally, Land Cruiser will now come with all features as standard equipment, including new driving performance features, and an array of significant safety and convenience features. Among the many popular features that were formerly available as options, but are now standard, are rear-seat DVD entertainment system, color-keyed rear spoiler, rain-sensing windshield wipers, center-console cooler box, headlamp cleaners, leather-trimmed steering wheel, multi-information display, voice and Bluetooth® hands-free controls, leather-trimmed shift lever and heated second row seats.  Toyota’s Premium Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation with Entune multi-media system and JBL® audio is also standard.

The 2013 Land Cruiser received refreshed exterior styling that included an updated front grille and headlamps with HID low-beams.  Additional new features included LED Daytime Running Lights, chrome side molding, redesigned outer side mirrors and tail lamps.  The design continued to convey an “Advanced and Rugged” theme with enlarged front and rear fenders. The new grille and headlamps maintained Land Cruiser’s steady and confident appearance, while the hood flows gracefully into the grille and beltlines.  One new color, Pearl White was added to its palette.

Complementing the freshened exterior, Land Cruiser received an updated interior available in either Sandstone or Black.  Additional refinements included perforated leather trim with ventilated front seats, a higher gloss wood grain finish, brighter silver instrument panel ornamentation, chrome-plated air registers and updated meter-cluster lighting.  New interior convenience features included a Multi-terrain Monitor with front, side or rear selectable views; a new Multi-information Display; an Eco Driving Indicator light and zone display; a heated steering wheel; Dynamic Radar Cruise Control; an additional power outlet (DC 12V) at the rear of the center console; and a rear cargo deck power outlet that was changed to AC 120V from AC 115V.

After it was refreshed in 2013, the 2014 model year Land Cruiser carries over unchanged.

What does it mean?
Land Cruiser:  Land Cruiser is Toyota’s flagship four-wheel drive vehicle.  The name was derived from the ability, demonstrated by the very earliest versions of this iconic brand, to literally cruise across rough ground, and implies its go-anywhere ability.

Where is it built?
Land Cruiser is built at the Araco Corporation plant in Toyota City, Japan.

“Green Machine” 77 FJ-40 Conversion Project

V8 Conversions are a very popular service here at Red Line. This customer found this beautiful 77 FJ-40 here in the mountains of Colorado, from the original owner.  It has since been the customers mountain exploration cruiser for summer time trips. The original 2F and 4 speed were used for 2 seasons of exploration with the customer and his family. It was then concluded that the 2F provided plenty of of it’s long lasting heritage but with out power and poor fuel economy at high elevation, a 410H.P. LS series 5.7 L was chosen to be the “Green Machines” new heart. With that a 5 speed manual trans and late model FJ-60 “Split” transfer case was mated to the new all aluminum 5.7

Red line converted this new heart transplant with love and care. Other additions included a custom rear fuel tank, and Red Line’s Big brake Kit in the front to slow down this now Power full cruiser.  If you see the “Green Machine” in the mountains of Colorado this year, stop and say hi to the Lucky customer and his new family FJ-40

Additions to this FJ-40 Include

  • 5.7 L 410 H.P. V8 Conversion
  • Power steering Conversion
  • Red Line’s Big Brake kit
  • Rear disc brake E-Brake conversion
  • Aluminum Radiator
  • 4″ Lift
  • 35 x 12.5 x 17″ BFG KM2 tires
  • Hutchison DOT approved Bead locks
  • Bilstien shocks
  • Proffits rear Tire Carrier
  • Warn 8274 winch and bumper
  • JW Speaker Projection headlights
  • Custom Roof Rack
  • Rock sliders
  • New front seats
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • Split Tcase

FJ-40V8 Conversion FJ-40

V8 Conversion FJ-40V8 Conversion FJ-40V8 Conversion FJ-40V8 Conversion FJ-40


Red Line Shop Project “MILDRED” a 1960 FJ-25

Red Line has acquired a very rare 1959 FJ-25. Its Titled as a 1960 FJ-25. So “Mildred’s” story begins with its Original owner buying this beast for his ranch in Colorado in 1960. It then served his ranch until 1975. It was parked in 1975 outside in the weather, taking a beating from wind, rain, snow, high mountain sun, ice storms, and the heat. We were very curios as to why it was parked in 1975. Upon us toying around with getting her to run for the first time since 1975, we had to clean out the fuel tank, find a rare OEM Big window 1bbl carb, witch we did! We bought all new Toyota wires, plugs, cap, rotor, fuel filter and oil filter. As we have had time we have replaced the oil, un sized the motor, cleaned the OEM green painted DIZZY, resetting the timing, adding zinc oil additive and re-priming the numbers matching motor, we fired it up!

Acorns, mouse droppings and Colorado ranch field debris flew out of the old rusty tail pipe, smoke filled the room in a hurry! With excitement running in my veins I know knew why she was parked…A slight rod knock. That noise filled my ears with  the answer I was looking for, with a little disappointment. As I had these two different feelings going threw my blood, I knew I was lucky. Luck that without that rod knock I may not even have had the chance to stumble upon this rare, early 25 Series. Yep, I said I’m happy, happy to even have the chance to slowly restore this old girl to it’s original glory. FJ-25 series are the first land cruisers brought into the USA and are the predecessors to the well known popular 40 Series.

These Pics below are from when we first got her to replacing the carb! More to come as time goes on. I do know that finding this truck might also help other FJ-25 owners with part locations and pieces!. I am also working on a video of us getting her to run! Enjoy

Justin Robbins



Old Blue FJ40 Headlights

1974 FJ-40 “Ol’ Blue”

This 1974 FJ-40 dubbed “Ol’ Blue was a project that needed a new heart! We received Ol’ Blue and she was so tired she would not go faster than 60MPH. So the plan was set, She need some help with the brakes and engine. We wanted to keep it toyota and not do V8 conversion, so our Freaky H.O. 2F was installed with our TBI fuel injection conversion. Making a 150  H.P. to the rear wheels was exciting, 75 MPH was no problem in a 2 block distance. Ol’ Blue then received a full front axle rebuild, disc brake conversion front and rear, bilstien 5100 series shocks, greasable pins and shackles, Pro Comp Lift 2.5”. To keep her cool in the heat she received an Vintage Air A/C conversion and a 3 row aluminum radiator. We added factory wheels, factory hub caps and Toyo 33 x 15.50 x 15 MT Open Country tires! We polished the paint and put in a few new window weatherstripping gaskets to keep the whistling down! Ol’ Blue was and still is one of our favorite customer projects!



SOLD! 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Long Bed Pickup Truck

This beautiful FJ45 has sold and gone to it’s new owner!

Looking to sell your Land Cruiser? List it on the Red Line Land Cruisers classifieds section for free!


If you’re looking for that perfect FJ45 Land Cruiser truck, then look no further. This is the one you’ve been looking for. Only 1,600 miles on a brand new Chevy V8 Ram Jet conversion.. The perfect blend of vintage FJ, comfort, power, and performance.

This FJ45 long bed pickup truck has just finished it’s full restoration and is ready to go to a new home. No expense was spared in the restoration process. All parts used were Toyota OEM parts, many of which are NOS (new old stock).

Full details and pics below. For more information please contact Justin at Red Line Land Cruisers at (719) 210-0101 or info@redlinelandcruisers.com




  • Chevy Ram Jet 350 Small Block V8 Engine
  • 350 Horse Power (HP)
  • 350 ft. lbs. of torque
  • NV 4500 Series 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Twin Stick Shifters allow for quick shifting into 2WD High, 2WD Lo, 4WD High or 4WD Lo
  • Orion Transfer Case – 4:1 lower range gear
  • 70 Series front an rear axels
  • Titled as a 1984 HZJ75 (because that’s what the frame is) but the entire body is off a rare, original 1966 Toyota FJ45 Long Bed pickup
  • ARB Air Locker in rear
  • 4:56 Gears
  • Everything completely redone (and we mean everything!)
  • Ididit steering column with power steering
  • Custom retrofitted snorkel
  • Custom Griffin aluminum radiator
  • Body and frame were in excellent, rust-free condition before restoration process started
  • Corbeau seats are super comfortable
  • Dual Spall cooling fans
  • 35″ x 12.50 x 17″ BFG Mud Terrain Tires are nearly brand new
  • American Racing Black Teflon wheels
  • ARB FJ45 Front Bumper with fog lights
  • Custom Red Line rear bumper
  • Spray in bedliner in the truck bed
  • Tuffy locking center console
  • Vintage heat and air conditioning (A/C)
  • OEM removable hard top
  • New OEM weatherstripping on front doors and window gaskets
  • Dynamat “Dynadeck” and “Dynapad” installed in the cab. Truck interior is remarkably quiet and the dynamat products also help to keep the heat from the engine out of the cab
  • Round Eyes H4 headlights
  • New OEM blinker lamps
  • New gauge cluster
  • Tom Woods drive shafts
  • Custom 30 gallon fuel tank
  • Fresh high end paint job – custom gray color
  • All new wiring throughout
  • Custom exhaust
  • AGR 4-turn steering box

For more info on this FJ45 please fill out this form:

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1979 FJ55

Project “Iron Moose” – 1979 FJ55

Project Iron Moose is a 1979 FJ55. These 79s are few and far in between. So cutting one apart and putting new components into her is an opportunity to show that Red Line will take great care on this project. Red Line Custom Crafted full custom armor, a 5.3L V8 swap with a matching auto. For lower gears we built a 4:1 Low range Orion. Red Line provided a custom SOA conversion with FJ60 axles for width stability. Our full Big brake kit for the front axle and rear disc brake kit was installed. New gears and ARB air lockers with Chromoly axle shafts Power steering conversion and A/C conversion for keeping cool on hot days. Red Line Resto modded Cruisers are top notch in every category…Period Follow this build with the link below for up to date progress of this rare and beautiful Pig.

Check out the build thread on IH8MUD.com.

Red FJ55

FJ45 Red

Custom Crafted Aluminum, FJ-45 Extra Cab, A.KA. Project “SnowFlake”

FJ-45 Extra Cab

This custom crafted truck is an all aluminum FJ-45 Extra Cab!This meant another 8″ of cab space. As we all know The FJ-45′ Pick ups lack interior leg room!  With all the modern components you can think of while keeping a Classy/Hot Rod/Classic theme, A healthy V8 engine, 5 Speed trans”NV4500″ , A/C and Navagation was installed.  This truck was  top shelf all the way! A custom aluminum body was crafted with the custom removable hard top. 350 H.P. V8 conversion. 5 speed transmission. Orion Transfercase. Old Man Emu (OME) 2.5″ suspension lift, Powers this hand crafted Cruiser with ease and comfort. Red Line Installed ARB air lockers both front and rear, disc brakes front and rear and a large capacity fuel tank allowing this truck to handle and drive in the safest way. A Power steering conversion was also fitted . Custom leather interior with red stitching,  Custom rear mounted Hurricane A/C – Heat conversion was built to keep the inner passenger floor and dash area clean.  Red Line installed a Custom Kenwood nav/stereo providing tunes and modern bluetooth/ navigation. Power seats from a 2006 Toyota 4 runner provide comfort and electric adjustments while re wrapped  Katskin Leather with red stitching, trims out and matches the custom tan interior.  A Custom removable rear bed soft top was Crafted to mimic the early factory Toyota FJ-40 soft tops. We then did the exterior paint with  factory Toyota Landcruiser Red Color ” Free born” red paint. The trim color “Cygnus White” was used in contrast with the red to blend the Classy Hot Rod Retro theme. Red Line snag’d up some reproduction early Landcruiser hub caps for the Factory steel wheels. Wrapping the wheels with Toyo MT Open Country 33×10.50×15″ was a perfect choice for us to blend in the Retro feel.

See: http://www.tctmagazine.net/issue

FJ-45 Extra Cab
FJ-45 Extra Cab
V8 Conversion
FJ-45 Extra Cab

FJ40 - Grrr

“The Dog’s Bollocks” 1977 FJ-40 Red Line Resto Rock Rod

“The Dog’s Bollocks” 1977 FJ-40 was crafted with the avid wheeler in mind!  The customer wanted his FJ-40 Off Road capable as well as street legal. Red Line devised a 102″ Wheel base set up with Spring over axle. Custom front 69″ WMS toyota axle was built to widen the front to add a ton of stability. For the rear axle we went with a FJ-80 rear axle. Red Line converted the engine bay to hold a Mercedes OM617 diesel engine. We mated this OM617 to a Toyota Landcruiser H42 4 speed transmission then a Advance Adapters Rock box and Factory 4 speed transfer case. On the front axle Red Line utilized  -High steer arms and chromo axle shafts ! So we tested “The Dog’s Bollocks” and with our steering and SOA set up we achieved a whopping 42″ worth of flex in front and 35″ in rear! Not bad for Toyota leaf springs! “The Dog’s Bollocks” needed some armor after the custom SOA and drivetrain was installed. This was achieved with our  Now Avaiable Red line tube fender Kit and FJ-40 Family roll cage kit. This beautiful one of a kind FJ-40 was seen in 4WTO Magazine in 2010! Below are items and conversions that Red Line performed on this Resto Rock Rod! “The Dog’s Bollocks” 1977 FJ-40

  • Red Line Saginaw Power steering Conversion
  • Red Line Big Brake for the front axle
  • Red Line Family cage
  • Red Line Seat Cradle kit
  • Red Line FJ-40 Front Bumper
  • 8000lb Winch
  • Budbuilt Rear 1/4 Panel protection…”Red Line Cut”
  • Custom Red Line rock sliders
  • Custom built 69″ WMS front axle
  • FJ-80 Rear axle Full Float
  • Bilstien 5100 series shcoks
  • Custom Red Line SOA
  • Anti Wrap Bar
  • Twin Stick Transfercase
  • ARB Air Lockers
  • 37″ Cooper STT tires
  • 17″ KMC Enduro Beadlocks

"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
  "The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40
"The Dog's Bollocks" 1977 FJ-40

FJ55 Green

1977 FJ55 – Iron Pig

We restored this beautiful FJ55 to it’s original condition. A stunning example of a rare, pure, untarnished FJ55. This project was refurbished with all original toyota parts. We revived the 2F and added fuel injection. Other that new interior we only changed it form OEM blue to Oem green! We miss this old girl. She was a very fun project. You just don’t get to restore these old FJ55’s all the time! Read more »


Project Rowdy – 1977 Land Cruiser FJ40

1977 Land Cruiser FJ40

Project Rowdy is a 1977 Land Cruiser FJ40. It was completely restored inside and out with some modern values essential to keeping this truck useable, reliable and stylish for very day use This truck includes a rebuilt 2F with TBI fuel injection, headers and a brand new toyota 5 speed transmission for highway speeds and fuel economy. Added was an Iron Man 2 lift with Bilstein 5100 series shocks, for a very smooth ride, on and off road An ARB front bumper with a Warn 8274 winch for recovery Keeping dark texas nights safe, we added 2 Vision X transporter series LED lights. these lights are a whopping 8800 lumens each Keeping the night not so dark in the rear we added a 12 Vision X LED light bar off the custom Red Line rear bumper/ Tire carrier To keep this rig rolling, we custom paint matched the KMC enduro wheels Red For security of the passengers we put in a modified version of our 40 Series Family Cage. We then added long L/C jump seats for the kids Rowdy is a 40 that will turn heads no matter the time or place. Read more »

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