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SOLD! 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, Less Than 300 Brought Into USA

A T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card.
A 1787 Chateau Lafite.
The Guarneri del Gesù Violin
A 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.

The holy grail of FJ40s (and it sold…man did it sell quick!)

With less than 300 brought into the United States, this 1983 FJ40 is a rare bird (see pics below). We just took ownership of this FJ40 and we haven’t even dusted it off or washed it.


  • 2-owners (really more like a 1-owner, though…more on that later)
  • Originally a Texas FJ
  • Garage stored in Colorado (and not driven) since 2nd owner purchased in 1995
  • Very (very) little rust for a 1983
  • Factory Toyota A/C
  • Original 2F Engine
  • Original Seats
  • Only needs a few things to make it a daily driver


H55F 5 speed Transmission swap, Toyota Landcruiser

H55F 5 speed Transmission swap, Toyota Landcruiser

 The H55F 5 speed transmission swap is a very popular service here at Red Line. We will convert your Cruiser with a brand new H55F 5 speed transmission, and all the required parts needed, into a fully tested and turn key service.  This service will convert your existing  auto or manual transmission to the H55F. We can and usually do supply all the necessary t case components, Clutch and pedal components. Thats not always the case, You can supply parts need if you have them. We recommend rebuilding the split t-case to go along with this new 5 speed. Please call us for a quote on this conversion. Pricing usually starts at  5,000$