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SOLD! 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, 1-Owner

SOLD on 12/27/14 via eBay

Up for sale is a one owner Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60. This completely original FJ-60 is extremely clean and I have ALL the owner maintenance records going back to 1985 for this Cruiser.

For more information on this Cruiser please contact Chris at 970.227.9494 or email him.

View dozens of pics below plus a video overview.

Here is a list of everything that’s great about this all-original Cruiser:

  • It runs PERFECT – drives 75mph easily on the interstate (there’s debate about Weber vs. Aisin and I have to say…I’m sold on this Weber carb set up. It’s got way more punch and gets much better has mileage).
  • No splits in the original dash (this is extremely rare)
  • Original AM/FM Tape deck with the operation manual
  • Original tool bag, tools, jack, and jack rods
  • Headliner is perfect
  • Original carpet in good condition
  • Only a minor bit of surface rust by the driver’s side rocker. This can easily be cleaned off.
  • Original chrome accents are bright and shiny
  • Original 4-speed manual transmission shifts smooth
  • 4WD high and low functions perfectly
  • Engine runs strong – no issues
  • Clutch is in perfect shape
  • Heater (front and rear) works great
  • Newer tires with less than 5,000 miles on them
  • Original window sticker and check list that Toyota used before shipping from Japan included
  • This is an extremely original and clean one owner Land Cruiser – you’d be hard pressed to find one as clean!
  • Horn, knobs, switches, lights, windshield washer squirters (windshields and head light squirters) all work perfectly
  • Original trouble light still in original packaging
  • Carpet is a 8/10 and is very clean all around – I had it detailed and they cleaned the carpets
  • New wiper blades all around
  • New tail light lenses
  • Non-smoker and non pet-owner. Interior is very clean and smells nice 🙂

Here is the list of the service completed in the past 70,000 miles:

  • 200,556 – New wipers (all three) – $28.97
  • 200,500 – New interior all weather floor mats – $20.00
  • 200,600 – New rear tail light lenses, driver’s side marker lens, and passengers side turn signal lens – $133.62
  • 200,436 – Newer used tires installed and balanced (Kelly A/T 31×10.5×15 with 90% tread life left; replaced worn out 235/75R15 radials) – $104.00
  • 199,221 – Coolant hose replaced – $104.74
  • 199,000 – New catalytic converter
  • 199,017 – Brake fluid flush, power steering fluid flush, coolant flush, oil change – $104.33
  • 199,000 – Fix hole in muffler – $45.00
  • 198,489 – Repair and rebuild throttle and gas pedal – $104.00
  • 196,746 – Repair and rebuild alternator + oil change – $320.90
  • 194,836 – Oil change – $50.40
  • 192,992 – Gas pedal bushing replaced, replace thermostat and seal and fix rear heater – $327.74
  • 192,867 – Replace battery terminals R&R alternator – $276.63
  • 191,890 – Replace shocks (all 4) and rear leaf springs, replaced front rotors, repacked bearings, new front brake pads, machined drums, new wheel cylinders, bleed brake system, clean brake master – $1,864.52
  • 191,643 – Replace water pump & hose and replace A/C belt – $514.15
  • 190,457 – Throttle cable repair – $85.38
  • 190,158 – Oil change – $62.17
  • 186,271 – Oil change – $31.15
  • 184,324 – Oil Change – $42.02
  • 182,919 – New Weber carb, spark plug wires, spark plugs, distributor cap, ignition rotor, belts – $816.22
  • 182638 – Differential service – $48.07
  • 182,279 – Fix hood latch – $66.02
  • 181,214 – Differential service and new K&N air filter – $133.76
  • 178,554 – Radiator flush, service battery cable – $107.11
  • 177,888 – Install electric ASM choke and throttle cable  – $274.77
  • 177,670 – Oil change – $31.47
  • 174.008 – Vacuum hose, throttle cable adjustment – $50.00
  • 174,100 – Oil change – $24.00
  • 172,786 – Check fuel filter and adjust throttle linkage, install power valve, clean air filter – $165.63
  • 170,224 – Oil change – $24.00
  • 168,104 – Rebuild carb – $158.93
  • 167,242 – Clean idle mixture circuit, set idle, check engine heater, new fuel pump and filter – $228.13
  • 166,493 – Oil change – $31.43
  • 161,201 – Oil change – $24.00
  • 160,251 – Valve cover gasket, adjust valves, new tires, oil change, new spark plugs, new fuel filter, set timing & carb – $248.65
  • 158,435 – New headlight, left rear brake light, right rear running light, right front park light – $69.85
  • 157,677 – Oil change & engine flush – $41.95
  • 154,059 – Oil change – $26.93
  • 150,000 – Radiator repair and rebuild – $160.52
  • 149,282 – Oil change – $23.72
  • 144,180 – New battery, check system – $93.07
  • 143,497 – Oil change, tighten intake, fix idler, fix power steering pump leak – $179.09
  • 142,007 – Front brakes replaced, wheel bearings repacked, new seals – $237.13
  • 142,589 – Slave cylinder bled, inspect clutch, clean cover, install transmission bolts – $315.62
  • 142,142 – Turn drums, new rear brake shoes & wheel cylinders – $330.02
  • 140,394 – Oil change – $27.07
  • 139,163 – R&R accelerator cable, adjust carb, fix idle – $138.57
  • 136,000 – Rotor cap, service battery, flush radiator, new plugs – $168.36
  • 136,135 – Oil change – $28.94

Here is what this Cruiser currently needs:

  • The paint is in very good condition and very clean. It’s the original paint and has not been repainted. There are a few scratches here and there (which is to be expected with a 30-year-old car). I don’t think it needs a repaint, but it could use some touch ups here and there and a good buffing/waxing.
  • Alignment – $60
  • Minor dent on driver’s side near the front (see pics)
  • Minor crease on rear window hatch (see pics)
  • Front driver’s seat cushion is torn a bit and dirty and could use a replacement. You can buy original ones from Specter Off Road here or find used ones easily enough – $150
  • Rear bumper has some dents and the chrome has come off – nice used ones run $200-300 (I have a line on one but it is not included at this price)
  • Front driver’s arm rest is there, but bent a smidge – $50 for a used one
  • Original AM/FM Tape deck eats tapes and doesn’t get all the channels – $100 for an OEM AM/FM radio replacement (I have one)
  • Minor leaks from the typical places – oil pan and rear main seal. Doesn’t need immediate attention and this is very typical for Land Cruisers.
  • Air conditioning not working – unsure of the issue. A new a/c compressor is about $300 from Oreilly Auto Parts
  • It’s passed emissions in the past, but where I live in Colorado this is not required. I feel confident it will pass, but I cannot guarantee this. Some of the smog equipment has been unhooked for the Weber carb set up, but it’s all still there and can be hooked back up. See pics for detail on the smog equipment.

NOTE: I’m happy to work with the buyer to get all the minor issues worked out after the auction closes, especially the bumper and the arm rest as I already have those found and priced out. I’ve made calls on all of the parts I would look to replace if I were to keep this FJ60 and I’d be happy to help aquire any of the parts and get them added/installed at the buyer’s expense.

Will work with the buyer to have the vehicle shipped. Will also work to pick up the seller at either the Colorado Springs airport or the Denver airport, in case you want to fly in and drive it home.

For more information on this Cruiser please contact Chris at 970.227.9494 or email him.


SOLD! 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62

Asking Price was $8,200 (as of 9/12/14)

Owner description:

Classic, rugged, reliable, all original 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 for sale. Low miles 120690. Runs and drives great. Equipped as follows: 6 cylinder, automatic transmission w/4×4, fuel-injected, AM/FM radio and cassette, tinted glass, rear window defroster and wiper, front and back A/C (needs charged), and 4 new tires. It has power brakes, steering, locks, windows and mirrors. Only one owner and purchased new from Toyota dealership in Colorado Springs, Colorado. All regular maintenance done by Toyota dealership and oil changed every 2,000 miles. This SUV has been pampered, never been in a wreck, and has great original interior. SUV has incredible cargo storage capacity (twin mattress, bikes, furniture, luggage, camping equipment, etc). Awesome visibility while driving and fantastic in snow and mud. Great resale value.

IMG_8758 IMG_8759 IMG_8760 IMG_8764 IMG_8766 IMG_8767 IMG_8771 IMG_8772 IMG_8774 IMG_8776 IMG_8778 IMG_8779 IMG_8783 IMG_8784 IMG_8785 IMG_8786

1974 FJ55

SOLD! 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55

1974 FJ55

1974 vintage Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 (4×4)

  • Inline 6 cylinder engine
  • Title and odometer read right around 125,000 miles
  • 4 speed manual shift
  • Complete vehicle
  • Solid undercarriage, floors and drive train
  • Rust on body (in the usual places)
  • Needs complete restoration or very suitable for parts
  • Original California vehicle
  • Was used as a daily driver until about a year ago (does not currently run)
  • Clear South Carolina title
  • Tool kit & Manual
  • Only $2,400

Looking to sell your Land Cruiser? List it on the Red Line Land Cruisers classifieds section for free!

1974 FJ55 Parts 1974 FJ55 Parts 1974 FJ55 Rear 1974 FJ55 1974 FJ55 To inquire about this 1974 FJ55 please fill out the form below, which will go to the seller. If you can’t see the form, you can also access the form here.

Looking to sell your Land Cruiser? List it on the Red Line Land Cruisers classifieds section for free!

FJ40 OEM CB Radio

Rare Toyota FJ40 CB Radio – CB40M

The Yeti.
The Loch Ness Monster.
The Jersey Devil.

None of them are as rare or mysterious as this OEM Toyota Land Cruiser model CB40M FJ40 CB Radio. For years we’ve heard tales of this exotic piece of original Toyota equipment, but had never laid eyes on one until today.

Behold, the legend is true. (And if you have one or find one, we’ll pay you top dollar for it. Email Justin at info@RedLineLandCruisers.com). According to what we’ve heard Toyota had two different models made. The CB40M, which was made by Panasonic, and the CBF0F, which was made by Fujitsu.  http://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/toytoa-cb-cb40f-cb40m-information.231874/

FJ40 OEM CB Radio FJ40 CB Radio Origina, IMG951165  FJ40 CB Radio Original

We were able to scrape together some instructions manuals for this CB Radio (and the other Toyota CB radio) and we compiled them into this PDF. If you’re looking to install one of these radios in your Toyota Land Cruisr FJ40, FJ45, or FJ55, we hope this manual comes in handy.

UPDATE: March 16, 2014: We shared this article on our Facebook page and one of the guys snapped this picture of his CB40M in front of this blog post. Just had to add it here…

CB40 CB Radio FJ40

UPDATE: March 17th, 2014 – Thanks to Andrew for sharing pics of his CB40 CB Radio! Enjoy!

FJ40 CB Radio CB40 FJ40 CB Radio CB40 FJ40 CB Radio CB40 FJ40 CB Radio CB40


FJ40 CB Radio Manuals – CB40M and CB40F – Land Cruiser – FJ40

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