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SOLD! 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, 182k Miles

For sale from a Red Line Customer

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  • VIN: JT3FJ60G2B0001021
  • 182,923 miles
  • 32″ x 11.5 x r15 A/T tires with good tread
  • 3-4″ lift, shackle reversal
  • New paint; Olive Green with Cygnus White top
  • Carb rebuilt, runs great
  • Valves adjusted, new valve cover gasket
  • Interior carpet in very good condition


This is one of the earliest FJ60s I’ve ever come across. The VIN plate reads “Sep 1980” and according to the final four digits in the VIN this would be the 1,021st FJ60 brought into the United States. Since the first FJ60s brought into the United States were in 1981, and since the official production dates (according to a vintage Toyota shop posted I have) say they started in October 1980, this one is early.

What’s especially interesting about this 60 series is the fact that it is completely stripped down. No A/C, no rear wiper, no rear defrost. It’s is completely utilitarian.

I bought this from the previous owner here in Colorado who began worked on it over the course of a couple years.  He started to do the body work on it and did a “meh” job. The rust was cut out and replaced with bondo and fiberglass patches. The rust was primarily in the rear quarters, rear lift gate, and a smidge in the rain gutter in the rear corners (maybe a quarter size hole), and a couple holes under the rear wheel wells and under the driver seat floor pan.

When I found out that it was an extremely early FJ60, I decided I would clean it up, tune it up, and put a little love into it. To do a killer body job and paint job would be around $8k to $10k. I couldn’t commit to that level of a restoration, but I decided to give it a solid paint job in one of my favorite FJ40 color combos: Olive Green (code 653) and Cygnus White top. Yep. It’s a nice paint job over a “meh body” job. But, dang, it looks cool. And I’ve priced it according to the level of investment I have into it. It’s not a $20,000 to $30,000 restoration, but it looks great going down the road and it’s tuned and dialed in.

This will make a great trail Cruiser or could be daily driven.


  • New paint job – Olive Green and White top (FJ40 colors)
  • Lower miles, only 182k
  • Carb rebuilt; runs great
  • Thule cross bars
  • Valve adjustment, valve cover replaced, new valve cover grommets
  • New PCV valve
  • New fuel filter
  • Tuned and adjusted (note: adjusted for an elevation of 7,300′. If you’re at sea level or below 4,000′ it will require low altitude jets and an adjustment for elevation)
  • New dash cap
  • Installed much nicer, original front bucket seats
  • Installed nicer door cards
  • Brand new, old stock front orange side marker lights, rear tail light lenses, wiper caps, and wiper arm covers
  • New carpet in the rear
  • New rear cargo side panels (backing and carpet)
  • Carpet up front in very good shape
  • New FJ40 emblems (to go with the FJ40 color combo). The “Toyota Land Cruiser” rear side emblems, rear 4WD emblem, and rear “TOYOTA” emblem would have all originally been on a late 70s FJ40.
  • Original center console cup holders there and in good shape (rare)
  • Lifted with newer tires
  • Frame sanded and repainted
  • Power steering appears to have been rebuilt recently (we didn’t do it, but it feels great and you can tell by how clean and oil-free it is. Most are a hot mess. Literally.)


  • Rear main seal leaks (most of them do…we usually wait until the clutch needs to be replaced and do it then…it’s a $30 part).
  • Front axle leaks (most of them do…we usually wait until it needs a brake job and use the Cruiser Outfitters kit to do the whole thing)
  • The rust. That said, one thing that could help with that meh body job is to have LineX sprayed on the bottom portion of the Cruiser. I had this on another FJ60 in the past, and it actually looked really cool while protecting the most vulnerable areas. See photos.
  • There were some splits in the headliner. I just frankenstein stitched them up. I think this is a pretty cool (and appropriate) look for this Cruiser, but the headliner is less than perfect.
  • Missing the hood insulation that clips under the hood. I have one on a parts Cruiser that’s decent and I plan to install that this week.


  • It comes with a nice set of new speakers for the front doors, a set of good 6×9 speakers, and a used Kenwood amplifier that will fit under the front seat. Not installed.
  • I have a set of original FJ60 chrome rims, if you want to go back to stock on those. $250 for the set. Or, you could put a set of FJ40 rims on it with hub caps and all. We can get those brand new for around $650 complete.
  • For a free quote on auto shipping we recommend Summit Auto Transport. You can get a free quote on their home page at www.SummitAutoTransport.com. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron at Summit Auto. He’s great to work with and quick to respond on email.

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SOLD! 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, Low Miles


1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60


This 1985 FJ60 was owned by the same family for the last 20 years. It sports vintage 1980s pin stripes that reminds me of the movie Tron. It was used as an extra vehicle on the previous owner’s mountain property in Colorado and thus why it has such low miles. While it does have some rust on the outside, the interior is absolutely incredible and with some body/metal work and a paint job this would be one fantastic daily driver. Currently located in Monument, Colorado.


  • Located in Monument, Colorado
  • 168k miles
  • Metallic blue exterior, blue interior
  • VIN: JT3FJ60G4F1132502
  • Warn winch added to original front bumper
  • Newer lift leaf springs, radiator, alternator, oil just changed
  • Includes full original tool kit, jack, jack rods, and owner’s manual

The Good:

  • 168k miles (super low for an 85′)
  • Transmission shifts smoothly, 4WD works great, and drives smooth down the road
  • Interior is incredibly clean, headliner is perfect, seats immaculate.
  • All original less the side mirrors, radio, rims and addition of the Warn winch
  • A/C Blows Cold
  • Original air intake hose is crack free (rare)
  • Center console is perfect (rare)
  • Washer bottles for front lights and windshield wipers are crack-free (rare)
  • Fully smogged
  • Rocker panels in very good condition

The So-So

  • Dent in the lower valence (used one around $100; roughly 8 bolts to remove and replace)
  • Windshield cracked (estimated $200 to replace)
  • Front quarter panel dented and has some rust (estimated $150 to $200 for a good used one)
  • Rust in rear quarters (new metal panels available for $645)
  • Front axle seals need replaced (almost all of them do)
  • Radio sort of works; display won’t show you anything but a blank screen but tape deck works (although the tape won’t eject)
  • To be a reliable daily driver it will only need new tires and a tune up (plugs, wires, cap rotor, and probably a carb cleaning or possible rebuild)
  • Needs thermostat and thermostat sending unit (about $50 for the parts, takes about an hour to replace)
  • Voltage is reading low. Need to diagnose. Starts and runs fine and the battery never dies so it might be the gauge. I have a good used one that will go with the truck.

For a free quote on auto shipping we recommend Summit Auto Transport. You can get a free quote on their home page at www.SummitAutoTransport.com. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron at Summit Auto. He’s great to work with and quick to respond on email.

SOLD! 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, 154k Miles, Sky Blue

FOR SALE from a Red Line Customer

1983 Toyota Land Cruiser, FJ60


  • 154k original miles
  • Sky Blue exterior, blue/gray interior
  • VIN: JT3FJ60G4D0071946
  • Located in Monument, Colorado
  • View 200+ pics below


This 1983 FJ60 is in very good condition with lower-than-average miles, and minimal rust. The interior, including the carpet and the original upholstery, is very clean and in excellent shape. Features an old-school Pioneer AM/FM Cassette deck radio with matching Pioneer 10-Disc CD changer installed under the driver’s seat.


  • Low miles, only 154k original miles
  • Coolant, temp sensor, thermostat, thermostat gasket, and thermostat housing gasket just replaced
  • Start right up
  • Rare sky blue color
  • Interior in excellent condition
  • New carpet in the rear
  • This Land Cruiser has spent most of it’s life in the dry climate of Colorado
  • Thule cross bars (no key for it though, sorry. You can order one online though for around $10).

Known Issues

  • The previous owner tried to fix the windshield wiper motor and ended up buggering up a delicate clip where the motor mounts to the window wiper crank arm. I have the part, just haven’t had the time to fix it. If you take care of it, I’ll take $250 off the price of the FJ.
  • Needs a carb rebuild and the timing could benefit from an adjustment. Estimated around $200-300.
  • Front axle leaks a smidge (typical issue). I usually rebuild the front axle and thus fix this issue when it’s time to do the brakes up front.
  • Rear main seal leaks a smidge (typical issue). I usually replace these only when the clutch needs to be done (It’s a $25 part, but almost a full day’s work to replace).
  • Paint is fading a bit and there are a few scratches here and there
  • Headliner torn in the back right corner. Might be able to be stitched?
  • Choke cable needs to be hooked back up (whoever rebuilds the carb can do this easily)
  • This is not an issue, but it’s worth pointing out…there is no A/C on this FJ60. It wasn’t removed…it was just never installed. It was an option in 1983, and was not ordered on this FJ.
  • Front windshield cracked. Around $150 to replace from any local windshield shop.
  • Windshield reservoir squirter motor not working (unsure of the issue).