Are you lifting your 40-Series Land Cruiser for looks or functionality?
When it comes to putting a lift kit on an FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser, we are quite critical about how the lift will effect the axle placement, and the visual cue is the dead giveaway.

Over the years, we’ve installed all sorts of FJ40 lift kits and have weeded out the setups that simply do not work for us. We have fine tuned our “perfect combination” and have been running the same setup for years! Our FJ40 “Ultimate” 2.5 Lift Kit was originally kitted with Bilstein shocks, but we also offer the FJ40 Ultimate 2.5 Lift suspension package with Dobinsons shocks as well.

Bilstein – FJ40 Ultimate 2.5 Lift Kit
Dobinsons – FJ40 Ultimate Lift Kit

Yet, every day, we see “new-to-us” 40-Series Land Cruisers come into the shop with all the wrong setups. Thus we have to think that most people are simply looking for “the look” while not looking into the technical ramifications of ill-suited suspension modifications.
Take it from us, we are not trying to limit your dreams… We’ve done all the heavily modified rock crawler spec Land Cruisers, thus we’ve explored the outer limits of suspension.
Side Note: Shackle Reversal setups works great for wheeling in the rocks, but not for street. Every rig has it’s own situation and desired use, so talk to us before… BEFORE you spend your money!

Bucking Bronco’s
The blue FJ40 at the top of this post, recently came into the shop and rides like a bucking Bronco! We are the Bronco state, WE LOVE OUR BRANCO’S FOOTBALL TEAM, but our rigs don’t have to ride like a Bronco nor feel like your getting your kidney’s rushed by Jackson and Miller! We are talking leaf springs, so don’t think your getting FJ/FZJ80 coil over ride comfort, but too, most of these FJ40 rigs come in, way over-sprung! Down in Australia they play rugby! It’s rough and rowdy! They play hard! When they go to the bush, they go big, hard and heavy as in they weight their rigs down with all the camping amenities! How many of you are actually going weekend camping in your FJ40? Does your tent weight 35-pounds? See where we are going with this? But even still…

It’s not just a visual thing…
With the suspension lift on the blue FJ40 you can see how much tighter the “wheel gap” is in comparison to the “red FJ40” on the right.
What this “visual cue” means is that the the blue FJ40’s rear axle has technically moved forward due to “those other lift kits.” Sometimes we have to take the driveshaft out before putting it up on the rack as the drive shaft gets compressed! Sometimes this “compressed driveshaft” is to the point that we have to shorten the shafts to alleviate the pressure on the u-joints and bearings. This allows for proper movement of the slip-yoke without said pressure and undue stress that will prematurely shorten the life expectancy of critical drivetrain components. Along with the driveline pinion angles being off, the steering rod angle is off too. Have you priced diff and t-case rebuilds?

NOT WITH OUR 2.5 Ultimate Lift Kit! We do not have these “compressed driveline” issues!

RUST IS COOL – When your FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser is mechanically sound and suited for technical pursuits! We love to DRIVE our 40-Series Land Cruisers, not just look at them parked in the garage like toy trophy models. These are 4X4’s and are meant to get you out to the last remains of frontier wilderness adventure!

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