#SpringEpic23 – DAY 3

#SpringEpic23 (DAY-3) The 2023 Edition Of The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip

DAY-3 Of The 2023 Edition of the Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip

Hopefully you’ve started at the beginning and read both Day-1 & Day-2 of our trip.

Photos & Story: Rodney WillsDAY-3, April 23rd, 2023 • Waking up on the edge of the earth with such a spectacular view before us sure makes a human hungry! It’s always fun to see what and how people are eating while traveling by vehicle. This group actually likes to eat! 

Our man Jay with the 3rd Gen 4Runner, swears by his Mrs. Renfro’s Green Salsa made with Jalapenos – ON EVERYTHING! Three extra horsepower right there! Note the Jetboil stove, smaller than the traditional 2-burner Coleman and fits nicely into the Front Runner Wolf Packs. Jay stacked and packed “super-lightweight” for both him and his wife on this trip with four Wolf Packs and a cooler packed nice and tidy into the back of his “Overland Speed Runner” of a 3rd Gen 4Runner.

As Jay is refining his lightweight system, XJ-Bryan is all about the cast iron skillet, double-burner Coleman stove and “yellow-top” totes! Both of these guys are ultra-seasoned multi-disciplinary outdoorsmen, so the wide range of “what-&-how” between these two is an awesome wealth of information beyond the physical products! All the rest of us will fall somewhere in the middle of these two guys!

As for myself, now working at Red Line Land Cruisers, I am contemplating the act of calling Chris at Crazy Steel Customs and asking him to “take a thou’ out” across the bottom and “two thou’ out” around the perimeter of a Lodge 12″ skillet for the “best” of both worlds, if that is even a such thing… But for this trip, I came packed with a Front Runner Wolf Pack box packed with 9-days worth of Mtn. House / Peak Freeze Dried Food and a PCS JetBoil for my camp kit! Oh yea, and the Snow Peak Ti 450 DW coffee cup! 

#SpringEpic23 (DAY-3) The 2023 Edition Of The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip


An old watering hole for the horses…
“I had a little horse named Paul RevereJust me and my horsy and a quart of beerRiding across the land, kicking up sandSheriff’s posse’s on my tail ’cause I’m in demandOne lonely Beastie I beAll by myself without nobodyThe sun is beating down on my baseball hatThe air is gettin’ hot the beer is getting flatLookin’ for a girl I ran into a guyHis name is MCA, I said, “Howdy” he said, “Hi”

The sun must be really getting to me! Name the song & artist for bonus points!

Son to dad – Cool place to hang out!

Right there dad! I don’t see it?! Let me just add these zip ties coated in duct tape to it!

I told dad ten miles ago I heard something clanking around like James Bond jigging to a James Brown jam!
Luke, I am your father… Wisdom is collected and earned, your young ears deceive you even if I am blind.

Getting ready to drop into the slot, the snake-back and down into the dead-end canyon of the abyss.

Bryan getting ready to drop the XJ through the “slot.”

Mark is through the slot and about to walk the Bronco down the the next section to the snake-back.

Yonder goes my crew!

We are now at the bottom of the canyon and will be traversing along its bottom and back up to the horse corral from where we started the day before. This little shady overhang of a shadow looks good enough for a quick pit stop.

We will be traveling back up through this wash and then back up the canyon wall to the horse corral.

Bye-bye horse’s. It’s interesting to think of how this whole “out-&-back” “peninsula of an ecosystem has been traveled across throughout the ages ages and transformation of time. The desert provides many mysteries and wonders!

We was making great time just tootling along on these old mining roads, but we came to an uphill stop. We had to do a little rock rabble removal from the road. Looks like we may be the first passers of the season through this section of desert!


Of the six images above, who is getting the trail etiquette red card?

This radio ain’t gettin’ out! Need to call Rugged Radios!
Ten One Hundred? No, TST-TIME!
Trail Snack Time!

The trail leaders of this trip call this the Dead Cow Canyon and this is the same canyon we traverse across the “ice-shelf” on last year.

Rain started to fall, light started to fall and the group decided to not set up tents in the middle of the rainy night.

We pull into Escalante, Utah for the evening. Rain was intermittent enough for a quick chat for the evenings plans.

Guess its a motel for the night! Dinner across the street and then bed!
PS: Circle D Restaurant was EXCELLENT!!

If you follow the Red Line Land Cruisers Instagram page, you can check out some of our video clips and images from the SpringEpic23 trip, even on the desktop! Just give it a minute to load the content – be patient!

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