#SpringEpic23 – DAY 1

#SpringEpic23 (DAY-1) The 2023 Edition Of The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip
The 2023 Edition of the Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip

Hopefully you have check out the 9-Day 2022 Spring Epic Blog Post Series.

Photos & Story: Rodney Wills – DAY-1, April 21st, 2023 • If you elect not to read the previous blog post, just to recap what this “SpringEpic” action is all about… For a few years now, Justin Robbins (owner of Red Line Land Cruisers), his family along with his buddies Jay “BOING” Allen and XJ-Bryan have annually gone on a springtime 9/10-day offroad camping trip. Typically this happens each year during Colorado Springs School Districts “Spring Break” as the trip is a full family affair for the Robbins.

This year marks the first time EVER that anyone outside of this “trio group” has been invited along on the trip. I guess I broke the mold last year. Technically I joined the group for the SpringEpic22 as Justin invited me along to loosely document the trip. So with that, two invitees joined the group this year. Jay invited his longtime friend Mark with his Holley Sniper fortified vintage Ford Bronco and Trevor of Crawlorado with his Lexus GX470 “Crawlolander.”  

#RLLC80 RLLC80 #SpringEpic23 (DAY-1) The 2023 Edition Of The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip
The #RLLC80 received the following Prep for the #SpringEpic23:
• Icon Shocks rebuilt and updated fluids
• Added CSF 2517 Radiator
• Added our 105-80 CRYO Sector Shaft.
• Red Head Steering Box rebuilt and tapped Ram Assist (to come).
• Added Radflo JK Bump Stops with modified collars to fit our modified bump stop mounts (coming) to relocate the strike-point due to our 80-Series Front Axle Relocation Kit moving the front axle forward.

#SpringEpic23 (DAY-1) The 2023 Edition Of The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip

With the RLLC80 prepped, packed and ready to go, we were eager to hit the road! Last year we tarmac’d it all the way to St. George, Utah from Colorado Springs. This year we will be black-slabbithing our way into Page, Arizona to start our dirt journey.

Roadside Distraction Attractions! Just add a straight axle and diesel swap and this would be extra rad for hauling our motos!

Roadside readjust #38 This particular 3rd Gen 4Runner is amist “research & development” of new parts.
Where did the 10mm socket roll off to?

I swear I kept hearing 10mm sockets rattling around out there…

Is it lunchtime yet? Watch your toes and adjust your toe. We was so close to Classic Cruisers location in Poncha Springs, CO, roughly some two hours from our shop, but somehow we were already four hours into our trip at only 113-miles added to our odometers! We was about to invade their space and see if we could do some fine tuning, but everyone was amped to be on our way! I’m sure the staff at Classic Cruisers would have seen the size of our whole group and agreed to our shop invasion for two of us and the rest get to pick and orgazine parts for them! 😀😁😀😁

We can’t help it, machines are simply cool and AHH!

#SpringEpic23 (DAY-1) The 2023 Edition Of The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip

Crawlorado’s Lexus GX470 “CRAWLOLANDER” looking good for the maiden voyage in front of Arizona mural artist Daniel Josley‘s large public works with available works here: https://www.persistenceinarts.com/prints

Last stop before we land in Page, Arizona and the light is falling fast!

On HWY98 passing through Kaibito, Arizona in route to Page, AZ.
What’s for DINNER!? 

DAY-2 SpringEpic23
The 2023 Edition Of The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip

If you follow the Red Line Land Cruisers Instagram page, you can check out some of our video clips and images from the SpringEpic23 trip, even on the desktop! Just give it a minute to load the content – be patient!

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