DAY-2 of the #SpringEpic22 • The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Trip – March 2022
Words & Photos: Rodney Wills

We awake to a Green River, Utah chilly morning, quickly toss our sleeping bags in our storage boxes and hit the tarmac!
Because today…
(Hopefully you checked out our DAY-1 post of our #SpringEpic22 • The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Break Road Trip 2022.)

Spotted this 80-Series Land Cruiser cruising down the highway!

Roadies… if only they knew that the Tour De France was originally all dirt, maybe they would seek knobbies and different routes. But that is OK, leave them right here to play in the streets. We like the less travelled dirt routes the best! We are only using tarmac as a “transit” to our “super special” DIRT!

This is more like it! Less is more…

Remote lunch spot!

The #RLLC80 got some new shoes prior to the trip. Maiden dirt voyage for these Yokahama Geolandar’s purchased at the Woodman – Discount Tires store.

Bryan, why does your box say “magic” on it? Bryan, “………._……… _ ………..!”
Some conversations are better left in the desert…

While Bryan was explaining his “magic” box, we witness this “Slow-Rally” sedan decent, not to be confused with SlowBaja!
This was a painfully slow process that also included the passenger exiting the car and spotting through a “tricky” section. I was in awe and didn’t have my big lens on the camera at that moment so I switch and still had time to snag these images..
Good practice, but… I could use a second camera. They could have used something a little more dirt savvy.

After our nice lunch-stop, we hop over to here:

Toll booth – insert dead presidents or digital representation of – here:
💵 >< 🏧 %= 🎟 < 🏞

Zion National Park is a great place to visit and we will make a quick lap through, or better yet.. around to see what we can without donning the tour buses that are mandatory to transit into the “iconic” section of canyon. The world has changed greatly over the last couple of years as my wife and I were here on another trip just a few years ago and drove the ADV80 all the way into the canyon. I would discover another “great surprise” later in the week as well. Called my wife, “can you believe this!!!” But it is what it is..

Spectacular views even if it is from the tarmac. It’s just a little teaser!


Spotted this 80-Series coming through Zion. Anyone know this rig / owner?

While spectating the rocks and our own #RLLC80’s awesomeness…

Spotted this red spec… The photo above and below are of the same climber.

And a little further down the wall, spotted another red shirt climber.

Lolly was not impressed… They were not wearing teal.

OK, enough looking at dirt and rocks! It’s time to get into the dirt and rocks!
But we have to make a pit stop…

Who are these people! •&• Almost “proper” gas cans spotted…

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! (none are actual BBB) • FIXER BAR STARS (the only images coming up for this is Chip & Joanna) • Red Line Land Cruisers (Hey! That’s us!) • TDUB Club (2-wheeled Land Cruisers?)

The read and yellow “floaties” are not so proper fuel containment… Maybe good enough for lawn care. The Rotopax have become popular over the years and are a 99%-proper way to carry fuel, but we did encounter a cracked cap on a brand new one and that was before we even got fuel in it!

And way “proper” are those two steel cans down on the end! Yes, we have quite a few fuel containment devices and will be implementing them into use further into our trip! That’s when we know things are getting seriously fun!  

The militaries from around the world usually have the good stuff! Guess I need to work on that blog post!
But I do know these particular steel fuel cans / jerry cans are PROPER WAY! I’ve rolled to Mexico on a few different occasions with these cans mounted INSIDE my rig as I didn’t want gas just visually hanging out on the outside of my rig. I wanted to roll as stealth as possible, even at the risk of smell and fumes inside the rig. My thought was I could simply roll the windows down while driving. BUT, like I said, I made a few trips down as that first time was a charm with ZERO smell / fumes inside the rig! I instantly knew these are the best gas cans from my own personal experience outside of all my online research and reading!


Just a few quick notes about what, where, when and how via GAIA GPS

AH! The happy place – THE DESERT!

We stop into the O.K. Truck Corral and see if Fred and Wilma are home.

We did find Dino’s tracks so they must be around here somewhere…

We searched high and low with no signs of Fred and Wilma Flintstone.
Finding Dino’s tracks was pretty cool though!

I thought we was suppose to be chasing the sun off into the sunset?
Oh, we are from Colorado, we chase the clouds…
Scouting for a camp for the night.

OK, you tie your 80-Namib up here, I will post the 4ppaloosa up over there and if that XJMustang get’s loose, we can cut him off at the pass.

We make camp for the night here.


PRINSU – In the still of desert, your mind can wonder and ponder…
Prinsu is a native or inhabitant of Gujarat in western India, an Gujarati Girl meaning “A Princess; Ray of Sunlight
Nice roof racks too!

ComeUp little Cholla cactus, protector of 80-Series aka #RLLC80. See what I did there?
I didn’t even see it when I snapped the image…
I am obviously not a skilled writer or wordsmith and drastically in need of a grammer technician!
Just enthusiastically curious with freedom to explore… “… ‘MERICA!”

Rub these sticks together real fast and make fire! But dad has a torch!
But you have to admit that their natural spirit to build a small rock ring is spot on!

These rock formations or the deformation erosion of the rocks is always interesting and unique!
Wind and water are amazing as to what effect they have over rocks through time!

I’m a little rusty, not that I was any professional before, but I like playing with light with the 13-year old Canon 7D.

Next: DAY-3 / Post coming… soon.



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