DAY-1 of the #SpringEpic22 • The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Trip – March 2022
Words & Photos: Rodney Wills

Each spring for a few years now, Justin Robbins (owner of Red Line Land Cruisers) and his family have gone on a week-long offroad camping trip during Colorado Springs School Districts – “Spring Break.” Also his buddies Jay “BOING” Allen and Bryan (XJ-Bryan) have been going on these trips as well. Bryan and Justin have been friends since high school, and Jay joined the “4X4 friendship team” back in 2005. This year I tagged along to snap some images. I’ve been jonesing for some desert time as my last desert excursion was 2020! 

8-persons, 1-dog / 3-vehicles:
• The #RLLC80 – 1996 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser (4p +1d)
• 2002 Toyota 4Runner aka “BoingRunner” (2p)
• 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ As seen in our Stories Timeline. (2p)

Everything I am carrying for this Trip:
1] FrontRunner WolfPack – Cloths / JetBoil PSC Stove
1] FrontRunner WolfPack – Dry Food
1] YellowTopToteBin – Camp Gear; tent, sleeping bag, etc.
1] Pelican 1510 Case – Camera Gear
1] 24-pk of sparkling water
1] London Bridge Tactical 3-Day Assault Pack

Day 1: Friday | Colorado Springs to Green River, Utah – 6hrs 47min  (396 miles)
My day started with coming into the shop and working ‘till noon, heading home at lunch, grab all my gear and making my way over to Bryan’s house across town. I would load all of my camp and camera gear into Bryan’s 1999 XJ Jeep Cherokee as I will be riding shotgun with him for this week long trip! The ADV80 will be left behind on this trip, but I am OK with that as I can focus on the “docu-task” at hand. Justin and family met us at Bryan’s and then we were on to Woodland Park to meet up with Jay and wifey in his newly King’ed-up 4Runner.

All three rigs are loaded up, together and getting out of town! It’s around 5:30pm, we are going to knock down some tarmac miles and escape the snow covered ground all around us! Luckily for me, Bryan is a rolling geological historian! he informs me that the view out his window is of the “Hoffman Dodge” mining claim located just outside of Fairplay, Colorado. Yes, “Hoffman Dodge” of the acclaimed TV show “Gold Rush.” If that is not enough “slap-stick” for you, Fairplay is The Real South Park and home base of Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick.(might need to fact check that last part… 😁).

All comedy calamity aside, we are seriously in search of desert dirt! That is “gold” enough for me!

We pulled into Green River, Utah (just outside of Moab) around 1:15am, tossed our sleeping bags on the ground and got some sleep in the chilled-filled air sprinkled with a star filled sky! TOMORROW WE HIT DIRT! (DAY-2)

Bonus track theme song.

Here is a link to our Highlighted Stories of our #SpringEpic22 within Instagram:

DAY-2 #SpringEpic22 • The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Break Road Trip 2022

DAY-2 #SpringEpic22 • The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Break Road Trip 2022

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