F’s are bad on the report card, but under the hood of your Toyota Land Cruiser, F’s are good, in fact, THEY ARE GREAT!

The F-Series Toyota Engine is well worth the efforts of saving as they are actually more rare than than the 40-Series Land Cruisers they came in! So many Toyota Land Cruiser owners removed the original power-plant in the early years, in favor of small block Chevy engines. But with enough time, we all want to go back into time and start all over. Luckily, some of you saw the original magic of the F-Series inline six engine and stay with it! The Toyota F-Series engines inline six is both simple and reliable, when properly maintained. But we always want more and we are exploring that as well with our adaptation of EFI to the old school inline six carbureted engine.

But before you start slapping a significant amount of modifications to the F/2F engine, we highly reccomend bringing back and keeping up to spec on the periodic service maintenance schedule. This is the very “thing” that keeps the “reliability” in the awesome reliability of the Toyota Land Cruiser – MAINTENANCE!

Our blog post, “2F SNIPER 101 – WHERE TO START FOR YOUR FJ40 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER?is a great place to start EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ADD EFI, as this post is all about getting your rig back to spec! To that point, why would you look for performance improvement modifications when your engine is sub-par on the service / maintenance specifications?

Here at Red Line Land Cruisers, we are dedicated to the Toyota F-Series of engines. We love the simplicity and reliability of these old F-Series engines and we strive to preserve these engines with proper maintenance. We are constantly exploring the ways to keep them as reliable as they day they rolled off the assembly line 35+ years ago, while extracting some “hidden” reliable performance gains.

For these old combustion engines, oil is life and proper service maintenance is key! But unfortunately Toyota has discontinued what we feel is are critical parts for the survival of these old rigs!  As Toyota themselves have slowly started discontinuing service parts, Red Line Land Cruisers has taken on the painstaking task of remanufacturing a couple of “factory” parts to continue our proper service and maintenance for our customers (and our own) Toyota F-Series engines that are anywhere from 35 to 50-years old!

We help you make them great again as we’ve spent painstaking hours researching what is the correct 1F Rocker Shaft O-Rings to use as these have been long discontinued from Toyota.

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