Up for sale is a 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 with only 170,950 original miles. This incredibly clean and original Land Cruiser was owned by an older couple in Colorado and well cared for and looked after. It was never once taken off-road. All of the service records come with the vehicle dating back to 1987. The original window sticker, inspection sticker, contract paperwork, odometer mileage statement from the dealer, and Toyota “pre-delivery service” paperwork are included along with a mint owners manual.

The original tools and bottle jack are all there and are not missing a single tool and in excellent condition. The interior is immaculate and the carpet and seats are in amazing condition. Even more rare, is that the original dash is in near-perfect condition. There is only one tiny crack about a half inch long and it’s on the back side where you can’t even see it and there appears to be no threat of it expanding.

This FJ60 was sold at auction on eBay on March 7, 2015

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Vehicle Overview

Here is some more detail on this one-of-a-kind Land Cruiser:

  • VIN JT3FJ60G6H1138014
  • Located in Monument, Colorado
  • 1 Owner
  • 170,950 miles
  • Low miles for a 1987. Hard to find a FJ60 with less than 200,000 miles these days!
  • No accidents
  • Clean Colorado title
  • This one may be hard to believe, but it’s true…it was driven by a little old lady who used it to deliver flowers and go to craft fairs. She was in her 40s when she bought it and is now in her 60s.
  • Always been in Colorado (a dry climate)
  • Tires have about 50% tread left and are in good condition
  • Original chrome rims are shiny and like new
  • 4WD high and low shifts and operates smoothly
  • 4-speed manual transmission shifts smooth and easy
  • Engine runs strong
  • Rear Heater (blows hot or cold)
  • Rear Defrost (works great)
  • Rear windshield wiper (works)
  • Manual windows and door locks
  • 4.2L Straight Six 2F Engine
  • Reclining front bucket seats
  • Rear bench seat with three lap belts
  • Original Aisin carburetor
  • Original key with key identifier number label which came with the car when first purchased
  • Exterior color is the Dark Blue Metallic – Code 8B4
  • Interior is the blue-ish / gray-ish color
  • Sony AM/FM/CD Player added a few years back. Fits very nicely in the space. An original Fujitsu AM/FM FJ60 radio could easily be put back in it’s place. No cutouts in the cargo area for more speakers. They simply used the existing speakers up front, therefore keeping it quite original
  • Please note that on the Carfax is may look like it was a 2-owner Land Cruiser. It was not registered for a few years and instead of paying the fines, the original (and sole) owners opted to sell it to their business and thus use a loophole to avoid paying registration back fees.

Service Records

The husband changed the oil himself every 3,000 miles and used OEM Toyota filters (he gave me one he had left over and told me he only used OEM parts). Here is an overview of the service records dating back to 1987 when the vehicle was purchased from Stevinson Toyota in Golden, Colorado

  • 3-17-87 – 307 miles – Issues getting out of 4WD (diagnosed as normal operation) – $0
  • 6-9-87 – 2,343 miles- Oil change – $18.83
  • 7-31-87 – 6,556 miles – Timing adjustment – $0
  • 11-21-87 – Lamp assembly, front bumper, – $377.96
  • 12-28-87 – 11,820 miles – Fix 4WD transfer case – $0
  • 5-12-88 – 17,985 miles – Fix idle, fixed brakes (pulsing) – $69.51
  • 5-13-88 – 18,012 miles – Oil change – $8.50
  • 6-26-93 – New Kenwood AM/FM Tape Deck – $174.18
  • 2-3-96 – 108,237 miles – New battery – $90.02
  • 9-4-96 – 118,562 miles – New output shaft seal, A/C repair – $136.64
  • 9-11-96 – New front windshield- $102.23
  • 9-9-97 – 127,977 miles – Replace coolant bypass hose, tighten manifold bolts – $97.15
  • 6-5-98 – 134,480 miles – New radiator, fix exhaust leak – $710.35
  • 6-16-98 – New Toyota radiator, new muffler, front brakes, front axle rebuilt – $715
  • 6-25-98 – Manifold gasket, exhaust manifold insulator, EGR inlet, exhaust pipe – $555.94
  • 11-9-98 – 138,476 miles –  – New starter, replace canister hose – $291.91 –
  • 12-31-98 – 4 new LT235/75/R15 Michelin LTX tires – $559.53
  • 3-21-00 – 150,862 miles – Replace clutch master cylinder, bleed brakes – $207.40
  • 1-6-04 – 156,556 miles – Replace power steering pressure hose – $169.60
  • 2-16-01 – 156,756 miles – New front brakes & rotors, check power steering – $654.41
  • 12-12-01 – 160,365 miles – Replace slave cylinder – $131.84
  • 2-22-11 – 167,453 miles – New alternator – $189.25
  • 2-15-15 – 170,500 miles – Coolant replaced, new water inlet gasket, thermostat, thermostat gasket, thermostat housing gasket

Known Issues:

Below are all of the issues I’ve uncovered after an exhaustive review of the vehicle. I work closely with several Land Cruiser shops in and around Colorado (namely Red Line Land Cruisers), so I’ve done the homework on what it would cost to fix these issues. The car runs just fine and I drive it daily to and from work (about 20 miles round trip). You could buy the car as-is and enjoy it, or I could help you work through any of the items below.

  • Power steering pump is slowly going out. It’s working fine but you have to refill the fluid every month as it leaks (a rebuilt pump is $90; labor is about $150)
  • Aisin carb could use an adjustment. It runs just a tiny bit sluggish. You can do 65 to 75phm on the interstate, but having driven several of these, I can tell it’s not getting as much oomf as it should be. This is very common with the original Aisin carbs and if you’re buying it and taking it to sea level, you’ll need to readjust it anyway (estimated $250-400 for adjustment)
  • Hood has some hail damage. A new hood is $350 and to get it painted to match is another $300, so $650 total. I should point out that the only damage from hail is on the hood and nowhere else. I’ve carefully looked over the rest of the vehicle and found no other hail damage. This is typical as the hood has the weakest metal.
  • Oil pan gasket needs replaced – $50 for the part and $100 for labor (is only dropping a few drops a day, but I would recommend replacing this)
  • Valve cover gasket needs replaced – $50 for the part and $100 for labor
  • Rear main seal leaking – $5 for the part and $650 for labor. Almost all Land Cruisers have this issue. I would not replace this until you need to do the clutch.
  • Front axle seals – $200 for the parts and $750 for labor. Almost all Land Cruisers have this issue. It’s nothing major and there is no safety risk here
  • Front drivers seat bottom torn – again, very typical for an FJ60. A good used one is around $150 including a good cushion. Labor is $75. Also an option to completely redo the front seats entirely using Specter Off Road in a high quality vinyl or in the original pattern
  • Rear cargo carpet has a small piece cut out. A good used piece of carpet (which covers the back of the seat and the cargo area) is $200. Labor is $50. Also an option to redo the entire carpet (which I do not think is necessary) using Cool Cruisers FJ60 carpet set. Another option is to use the local auto upholstery guy I know in Colorado Springs and have him fix the back cargo carpet. Estimate is about $350 parts and labor
  • CD player does not play CDs – radio works fine, but the Sony CD player says, “Read Error” when you put in a CD. Single DIN radios range from $200 to $650 installed. I recommend Car Toys. I think the Clarion NZ503 is a nice choice as it has a slide out screen, Bluetooth, GPS, and DVD player. Crutchfield has several single DIN car audio options.
  • Rear washer fluid hose got brittle and snapped. This is extremely common. The reservoir bag is in excellent condition, but where the washer hose comes out of the rear hatch is vulnerable. It’s a pain to re-fish a new hose. Parts are $15. Labor is about $150.
  • Air conditioning not blowing cold air. Have not tried recharging A/C (which is most likely the culprit) – a recharge is about $100. If it ends up being the compressor, that runs about $300 for the part and $100 for labor.
  • Windshield has a dollar-sized crack running down from the top right. I forget it’s there because it’s in a place I never look and the rear view mirror hides it when I drive. $150 parts and labor for a new front windshield.
  • Two small rust spots; one by the driver’s side rear wheel well and one by the passenger’s side rear corner near the bumper. The one on the corner you can hardly call rust. It’s extremely superficial from a minor ding. The one by the wheel well is also quite superficial and the metal is still quite rigid. An easy fix for an experienced body and paint shop. Overall this Cruiser is practically rust free (estimated $350 – $450 to fix rust areas)
  • Scratches here and there – again, pretty typical for a 28 year old Cruiser and easily fixed by an experienced body shop. The thing to keep in mind with this Cruiser is that it is the original paint and original everything. No cover ups or repaint so you know exactly what you’re getting here.

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