For sale from a Red Line customer: 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

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-94,000 miles
-Pretty much all original including 2F straight six, seats, front Toyota mat, and even the original tool bag and bottle jack
-Superficial rust under the front mat but no holes in the floorboards
-A bit of rust on the rear sill area
-Repainted a few years back
-31″ 10.5 x 15 Micky Thompson tires

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IMG_6214 10403530_10204407537685635_5779094047820236518_n 10644866_10204407539285675_2182710404262964071_n 10629787_10204407538405653_5671747364445177284_n 10411035_10204407539125671_8067576204846327666_n 10678717_10204407537885640_469932892276963425_n 10678462_10204407538845664_3677596600715527809_n 10647145_10204407538205648_7489182731390423031_n IMG_3542 IMG_3541 IMG_3545 IMG_3544 IMG_3543 IMG_3548 IMG_3547 IMG_3546 IMG_3550 IMG_3549 IMG_3553 IMG_3552 IMG_3551 IMG_3556 IMG_3555 IMG_3554 IMG_3558 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3559 IMG_3563 IMG_3562 IMG_3561 IMG_3566 IMG_3565 IMG_3564 IMG_3568 IMG_3567 IMG_3571 IMG_3570 IMG_3569 IMG_3573 IMG_3572 IMG_3576 IMG_3575 IMG_3574 IMG_3579 IMG_3578 IMG_3577 IMG_3581 IMG_3580 IMG_3583 IMG_3582 IMG_3585 IMG_3584 IMG_3588 IMG_3587 IMG_3586 IMG_3590 IMG_3589 IMG_3593 IMG_3592 IMG_3591 IMG_3595 IMG_3594 IMG_3598 IMG_3597 IMG_3596 IMG_3601 IMG_3600 IMG_3599 IMG_3603 IMG_3602 IMG_3606 IMG_3605 IMG_3604 IMG_3608 IMG_3607 IMG_3610 IMG_3609 IMG_3613 IMG_3612 IMG_3611 IMG_3616 IMG_3614 IMG_3512 IMG_3511 IMG_3510 IMG_3514 IMG_3513 IMG_3517 IMG_3516 IMG_3515 IMG_3519 IMG_3518 IMG_3522 IMG_3521 IMG_3520 IMG_3524 IMG_3523 IMG_3527 IMG_3526 IMG_3525 IMG_3529 IMG_3528 IMG_3532 IMG_3531 IMG_3530 IMG_3534 IMG_3533 IMG_3537 IMG_3536 IMG_3535 IMG_3540 IMG_3539 IMG_3538 IMG_3540 IMG_3539 IMG_3538

To request more information or contact the seller, please fill out this form.