Project Iron Moose is a 1979 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser. These ’79s are few and far in between! So cutting one apart and putting new components into her is an opportunity to show the talents of Red Line Land Cruisers! We custom crafted full armor, performed the 5.3L V8 swap with a matching automatic transmission. For lower gears we built a 4:1 Low range Orion. Red Line provided a custom SOA conversion with FJ60 axles for width stability. Our full Big Bake Kit for the front axle and rear disc brake kit was installed. New gears and ARB air lockers with Chromoly axle shafts Power steering conversion and A/C conversion for keeping cool on hot days. Red Line Resto modded Cruisers are top notch in every category…Period!

Follow this build with the link below for up to date progress of this rare and beautiful Pig.
Check out the build thread on

Red FJ55

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