Beaker is a 1981 BJ44 from Japan. The owner has turboed the 2B diesel engine and is ready to begin his build of this rare truck into the perfect expedition platform. Driving and living in a truck means that you need to be comfortable. The additional 14 inches of tray length and 7 inches of wheel base make a dent, but just are not enough for the mileage he is planning.

This is where Red Line comes in. We are building a custom 3Link and Coilover front, and Triangulated 4Link rear suspension for this rig. To up the ante, we are also custom fabbing all brackets and mounts to be desert racing style fabrication, and TIG welding it all together. No one wants custom stuff to break while on a trail, and it is even worse when that trail is 15000 miles away from home. Check out the build thread below to follow our work from start to finish-line.


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