Red Line FJ40 Tube Fender Kit fj40 tube fender



The Red Line tube fender kit has been a long wait, We have had this kit for use on our custom customer projects. Now we have decided to release the kit to the market. We have used these fenders as armor when rock crawling. That was our main goal. No one likes munched up fenders and these will take a punishing all day, while keeping a factory-fender look.

FJ40 tube fender kit has two options for the kit:

  1. Stock fender height kit: fits stock side aprons, SUA setups , no more than 2″ W.B. stretch. 35″ tire size
  2. High cut SOA kit: Fits 37″-40″ tires, flipped springs 3-4 W.B. stretch, 60 series flipped springs. Must cut your side aprons to match fit.

Key components of these tube fenders include:

  • 1.5″ x 120 wall DOM tubing for inner bars (2) ,outer bars (2) front and rear corners (4) frame mounting bars (2) and inner support bars (4)
  • Custom cut bib plates 1/8″ plate (2)
  • Custom cut frame mounts 3/16″ plate (2)
  • Custom cut Rear support removable tabs 3/16″ plate (4)
  • Includes Hardware
  • Universal top sheet metal> must cut down to fit. 16 ga. steel (2)
  • Welding, notching and grinding is required

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 17 × 6 in
High clearance Tube fender kit

High clearance Tube fender kit, Factory Height Tube Fender Kit