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FJ-60 2 Row

FJ-60 Aluminum Radiator, 2 Row, fits right into your existing radiator support. Fits all years of the FJ-60. No mods and no mess!

These radiators are the best way to go for V8 conversions or replacing your existing OEM Toyota radiator while allowing you to save money and time by not customizing your cruiser to bits! Rebuilding an existing Toyota radiator can cost up to $250 and we’ve had many in the FJ60 community tell us that only a year or two after rebuilding their OEM radiator, they’ve had to repeat the process because the rebuild failed. Hare at Red Line we use them all the time and really like the quality, and ease of installation! We use them for most of our V8 conversions, restorations, and some diesel conversions as well as Ou Freaky H.O. 2F’s! This 2-Row Core aluminum radiator will cool up to 400hp! That a lot of ponies!

Radiator Dimensions:

Total: 21″ tall x 26.25″ wide (with brackets)

Core: 16.25″ tall x 23.75″ wide x 1.75″ thick

Inlet: 1.5″ driver side

Outlet: 1.5″ passenger side

Tanks: 2.75″ thick

Tubes: 0.63″ thick


Bracket Mounted

16 lb. Radiator Cap included

Transmission Cooler included



Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions36 × 30 × 4 in