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This is an aftermarket  post 79 OEM Style carburetor. It comes with the high altitude jets (they reside behind the big bolts on the fuel bowl), the 9mm air cleaner spacer and the choke stop. Will work with any year that has mechanical linkage (non cable). It also comes with OEM gas pedal cable adapter brackets for the early 70’s era pedal set ups!

This carb can be used to retrofit those who have Weber or Holley carbs as well. If you have either of these carbs you will need a stock carb spacers.

  • Includes choke cable stop and stainless steel throttle cable bracket. Throttle cable not included.
  • Includes air horn to air cleaner adapter for Driver side style factory air cleaners.
  • Carb to intake gaskets SOLD seperate
  • Has vac port for dizzy!

Bolt on application.

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