Red Line Land Cruisers full set of replacement billet knobs for your FJ40


Red Line has developed these billet “Resto Mod” knobs to for 40 series Land Cruisers. Over the years we’ve found that restoring and rebuilding Land Cruisers for clients has brought us to the point where custom dash layouts and textiles are, more often than not, needed to produce a “one-off” visual aspect for certain custom builds, especially ones where knobs are added for a compressor, front locker, rear locker or other accessories. So Red Line has mimicked the factory style knobs with a twist which allows you to maintain a consistent look and feel when it comes to the knobs in your Cruiser.

Set includes:

Headlight Knob BKHL737940T2

Wipe Wash Knob BKWW737940T1

Fan Pull Knob BKFP737940T3.5

Warm Pull Knob BKWP737940T3.4

Fresh Pull Knob BKFRP737940T3.4

Hazard Knob BKH737940T1

Choke Knob BKCK737940T1

Specs include the following:

  • 6064 Billet aluminum material
  • CNC cut
  • Gloss black anodized finish
  • Laser etching is used for knob text (which means the text will not scrape or wear off like paint does)
  • Text font is the factory style Bold with the same text height and layout
  • 4mm x.7 stainless set screw included for securing the knob
  • Choice of switch to dash backing collar (I.E. sheet metal dash or aluminum dash) Must choose what type.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in

sheet metal dash, aluminum dash