Brakes & Steering are two very important mechanical factors easily overlooked in our desires and pursuits of building the ultimate rig! Have all the brakes you want, but if your rig can not steer, all you need is a rock for a parking brake! Or not…

Lets paint the scenario! Your 80-Series Land Cruiser has been fully updated! New rod ends, new beefed up drag link and tie rod, and beefed up high-steer arms! You are so set for the 3-Day weekend! It’s 100-degree’s outside but with the A/C on, your family is having a great weekend wheeling through the mountains 100+ miles from the nearest paved road!

It’s the last day of the trip, you’ve done all the hard bits the day before, so it should be smooth sailing here on out.


And you seek one more trail
that you heard about from a buddy that you want to link into your dirt-way exit. Sure, “we’ll be fine, it only has one little tricky section, nothing more than we’ve done before.”

It’s the last trail of the day, but you never say, “last trail of the day!” But the kids asked, and you said it out loud and SNAP! Your sticky 37’s bound up in a little tricky section and you’ve never felt this feeling before…

You feel as though you are on a kiddy curb-side ride, steering wheel in hand, but its just going “roundy-round” with zero inbound steering input. But I’ve got chromo-birfs, the best CV’s, monster knuckles and all these new steering upgrades… what gives!?!?

Have you heard the saying, when you beef up all these exterior items, it makes the inner items the weakest link?

Steering box goes SNAP – CRACKLE – POOF! NO STEERING = NO GO!
Hope you’ve learned how to tap into repeater towers with your Hamm radio or hope you have a “hot” 100W liner amp on your CB, because your rig is not going anywhere without some assistance. 

And who is carrying a spare 35-lbs steering box?!

Putting your rig into the elements puts everything at a higher risk than originally intended. Yes, the Toyota Land Cruiser is “factory tuff” but was not “factory tuff tested” with 37″ wheels, modified suspension and additional weight for weekend pursuits. We modify almost every aspect of our rigs, so why is steering so overlooked?

The Red Line 105-80 Steering Box Upgrade for 80-Series, with CRYO rebuilt into your steering box by RedHead Steering Gears!

105-80 Steering Box Upgrade for 80-Series, with CRYO

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