You’ll find Land Cruisers in the movies and on TV all the time. Hollywood seems to be infatuated with the Toyota Land Cruiser, especially FJ60s and FJ62s. And for good reason…Land Cruisers, especially vintage FJ40s, FJ45s, and FJ55s, are one of the classiest, hippest, coolest, most stylish and rugged trucks out there!

So here’s to documenting Land Cruisers on the big screen. If you find a FJ on TV or in the movies, tell us so we can post it up!

Season 1, Episode 5
The Lord of War and Thunder
Starts around 16:15 and ends around 17:00. Appears again at 28:00.

FJs in the Movies - Justified Season 1
Vintage Red FJ62 in mint/original condition! Grrrr-uff!
FJs in the Movies - Justified Season 1
Raylan Givens, played by Timothy Olyphant, talks to his father
Red F62 on Justified
Appears again at 28:00

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