Product Page for Big Brake Kit

Listed below are some requirements and specs that are included in this kit.

Remember that with this kit it is also very important to have a balanced braking system.
Rear disc brakes, a 1″ Bore master cylinder and a dual diaphragm brake booster is advised! We also sell these components for your Toyota Land Cruiser if needed.

• Requires 17″ wheels at minimum
• 13.30″ diameter cross drilled and slotted rotors (2)
• New aftermarket rebuilt high quality Toyota v8 calipers (2)
• New Performance brake pads
• New 17″ rubber DOT brake lines (2)
• Front wheel bearing rebuild kit: KOYO wheel bearings and gaskets – installed
• Machined IFS wheel bearing hubs, cleaned and ready to install
• New Lug nut studs (12) installed
• Custom Caliper Brackets with hardware

For proper brake bias and balance, it is recommended that you run rear disc brakes and 1″ bore master cylinder and dual diaphragm booster, see our brake conversion parts.

Follow the list below for installation:
1. Remove your disc brake components all the way down to your spindle. The spindle will be reused so get it cleaned up and wipe down the steering knuckle to spindle mating surface. The factory bolts that hold your spindle to the knuckle will NOT be reused. Remove the spindle.

2. If you are upgrading the master cylinder, now is the time to remove it.

3. Make sure to remove the factory soft brake line for the axle to backing brake. A new line is included with this kit.

4. Next, your steering knuckles must be modified. Two ways to accomplish this:
A. you can cut off the factory caliper mounting ears, clean to the base of the knuckle, or

B. You can remove your knuckles clean them and remount to the opposite side of the axle making sure the caliper ears are facing forward.
– Knuckle rebuild gasket set is recommended when doing this.

5. Paint the caliper brackets your desired color.

6. Paint the new wheel bearing hubs to your desired color, remember to tape off the ends of the hubs, keeping the inside clean.

7. Remove your existing hub studs and reinstall them into your new wheel bearing hub.

8. The disc brake brackets are side-specific so, here is how they line out. There is a 1/8” spacer tack welded to one side, that spacer goes is the INSIDE mounting surface. If this is lined up correctly the caliper bracket ears will be located pointing to the rear of the truck.

9. Next place your bracket to the outside face of the spindle with all of the holes lined up and a new paper gasket placed between your knuckle and spindle!

10. Mount this set up to your knuckle with the new provided hard ware. Torque to 15ft lbs. in a x pattern then 35ft. lbs. in a x pattern for final. Note Blue Locktite can also be used on the threads of the new bolts

11. Grease to the spindle a little with some good wheel bearing grease to ensure proper seal and bearing setup.

12. Install your new wheel bearing hub onto spindle.

13. Before you install the outer wheel bearing throw some more grease inside the hub, filling the space between the spindle and hub.

14. Install the outer wheel bearing, flat washer and inner axle nut.

15. Preload this inner axle nut to factory specs. TURN THE HUB ABD TIGHTEN THE INNER NUT at the same time to seat the bearings until the hub starts to stop. Then back off the nut 1/8 to ¼ turn making sure your wheel bearing hub turns with resistance but not loose.

16. Insert the axle nut locking tab

17. Install the outer axle nut.

18. Torque to 65ft. lbs.

19. Bend 2 tabs of the locking tab over the nuts. 1 tab over the inner and 1 tab over the outer. This will ensure the nuts don’t come loose

20. Install your locking hubs with new gaskets

21. Tighten stud nuts to 12 ft. lbs.

22. Tighten outer locking hub bolts to 5 ft. lbs.

23. Install your new rotors over the new wheel bearing hub, these are SIDE SPECIFIC. Labels are on rotors

24. Install new pads into calipers

25. Install new calipers over rotor and fasten with Allen-head bolts with lock washers! Torque to 30ft. lbs. with blue locktite

26. Install new brake lines from caliper to axle side factory mount.

27. Bleed brakes

28. Break in time will occur for these rotors, drive around like normal and they will feel even better once they have been seated.

If your brake system has other issues, those issues may hamper the performance of these brakes.
Please ensure your brake system is adequate!

Have any questions’s or need component’s to balance your braking system properly?
email us with photos:
call us to discuss: 719.638.2003

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