Ignition Package for F / 2F Engines for your Toyota Land Cruiser

Recently we post a video showing an engine build and received a few questions about our MSD Ignition, distributor, cam gear setup.
Ignition Package for F / 2F Engines for your Toyota Land Cruiser

This particular 2F Toyota engine is not our Freaky High Output Engine, but nevertheless, the engine rebuild we perform at this level is a complete Toyota 2F Engine “Factory Spec” Rebuilt engine that brings smiles to our faces! While all the usual items are touched; valve train, heads, valves, pistons, rod’s, wrist-pin’s, crank and bearings are all messaged and reassembled to both Toyota’s factory specifications along with a few of our own “tweaks” that we have learned along our 14-year way of working with these in-line six 2F engines.

Back to the questions at hand, for those of you who are simply looking to tune up your 2F engine without the complete overhaul, here are a few item details:
1 & 2F Hot Performance Distributor with OEM Quality by Red Line Land Cruisers

2F TuneUp, Tune Up
• The MSD 6 Offroad (PN-6471) Ignition Box throws 3-times the spark up to 3,000RPM making for great throttle response, providing  power in the low & mid RPM range.
• No cam gear (adjustment) needed.


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