Recently we post a video showing an engine build and received a few questions about our MSD Ignition, distributor, cam gear setup.

This particular 2F Toyota engine is not our Freaky High Output Engine, but never the less, the engine rebuild we perform at this level is a complete Toyota 2F Engine “Factory Spec” Rebuilt engine that brings smiles to our faces! While all the usual items are touched; valve train, heads, valves, pistons, rod’s, wrist-pin’s, crank and bearings are all messaged and reassembled to both Toyota’s factory specifications along with a few of our own “tweaks” that we have learned along our 14-year way of working with these in-line six 2F engines.

But back to the recent questions and for those of you who are simply looking to tune up your 2F engine without the complete overhaul, here are a few item details:
1 & 2F Hot Performance Distributor with OEM Quality by Red Line Land Cruisers
• The MSD 6 Offroad (PN-6471) Ignition Box throws 3-times the spark up to 3,000RPM making for great throttle response, providing  power in the low & mid RPM range.
• No cam gear (adjustment) needed.


1 and 2F Hot Performance Distributor with OEM quality by Red Lin
Tired of your basic points or need to replace your ignition system? Still, want OEM reliable but also an upgrade? Our kit works better than any other aftermarket system, period… We have been using this system for years on all of in house client’s cruisers and now it is available as a package.
We start with an OEM reliable NON-US Distributor that features the NON-US Smog curve. Then we upgrade the electronic to a proven performance Pertronix system. After the conversion is done we test each unit’s vacuum advance system and electronics to make sure each unit ships ready to install.
Not only will this give you the performance you are looking for with OEM reliability but it will not require rerouting heater houses like some of the aftermarket distributors.
Our kit comes with everything you need!
• Brand new NON-USA OEM Toyota vacuum advance distributor, small-cap.
• Electronic Pertronix internal conversion, installed and tested
• 40,000V Pertronix coil
• OEM wire set
• (6) NGK 5 series nickel plugs
• New OEM base clamp
Fitment is for your F or 2F Toyota engine F145-F155- F.5-2F Block series


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