USA’s RACER MEDIA keeps us abreast on HOW TO WATCH THE 2022 DAKAR RALLY as the worlds greatest adventure rally raid is taking place some 20+ hours and 7,507-miles away on the other side of the globe in Saudi Arabia. The 2,50012-stage race event started Sunday, January 2 and will continue through Friday, January 14, 2022, covering a massive 2,500 miles That’s an equivalent to two BAJA 1000’s plus a BAJA 500 – IN ONE EVENT!

Times and dates:

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We will also add that we do watch quiet a bit of coverage directly on Dakar’s YouTube page and by searching “DAKAR 2022” within YouTube’s search bar for other DAKAR 2022 video’s posted outside of the Dakar YouTube channel. When your a fan, you watch as much as you can and when you exhaust those sources, you start watching more historical Dakar videos.

As you may have seen in our previous post “TOYOTA’s OF DAKAR 2022 – The Worlds Greatest Adventure Rally Raid!, we are excited about the number of 80-Series Land Cruisers competition this year in the DAKAR CLASSICS division!


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