Installing the RL1024 Red Line Holley Sniper 2F EFI Manifold Adapter

Thank you for choosing the Red Line Land Cruisers 2F Manifold Adapter to mount the Holley Sniper 2300 2BBL EFI Headunit on your 2F Toyota Land Cruiser Engine!
RL1024 Red Line Holley Sniper 2F EFI Manifold Adapter RL1024 Red Line Holley Sniper 2F EFI Manifold Adapter

Lets start with the included hardware.

The four Allen cap bolts (shown in the upper portion of the photo / details below) hold the Manifold Adapter to the Toyota 2F manifold. You will notice two bolts have shorter shanks (50mm) and these are for the “blind-holes” on the outside portion of the manifold. The two longer shank bolts (55mm) go to the inward side. Those two holes on the manifold pass through into the manifold flow chamber, thus they need the longer bolts. With the supplied lock-washers dropped in (and the required *gasket in place), with all bolts torqued down, the inner bolts will meet the surface “roof” of the intake manifold chamber without air-passage interruption. Same time, we highly reccomend the use of a non hardening thread sealant such as Gasket Sealer #2, as the two inward bolt holes are “through-holes” and could possibly allow vacuum leaks if not properly sealed. See Installation details below. 

The four M8 X125 Studs mount into the top of the Sniper Manifold Adapter Block. These studs will locate and hold the Holley Sniper EFI headunit into place, locked down into place with the (4) 13mm / M8 X 125 nuts.

2] Allen Cap – long-shank M8 X 1.25 X 55mm
2] Allen Cap – short-shank M8 X 1.25 x 50mm
4] cap screw lock washers
4] head studs
4] flat washers
4] lock washers
4] 13mm nuts M8 X 125

This photo is showing bolt placement without the manifold in place.
Install the x2 longer manifold adapter cap screw bolts to the thru-
bolt hole threads in the manifold, using a non hardening thread sealant as these are “through-holes” and can allow vacuum leaks if not properly sealed. We prefer “Gasket #2”.
Then install the shorter Cap screw bolts in the remaining adapter holes into the “blind” threaded holes in the manifold, tighten slightly. 

Torque all bolts 10 to12-ft./lbs. using an X-pattern to arrive to the 10 to12-ft./lbs.
Don’t just tighten one bolt to 10 to 12-ft.lbs and then go to the next. Best to tighten in increments of 2 to 3-ft./lbs and going in an X-pattern across the bolts.

Install the supplied metric 8mm X 1.25 studs into the adapter, tighten down to 11-ft.lbs. with metric 8mm nuts using the “double-nut” method.

Make sure the surfaces are clean of any debris. Wipe manifold surface where it meets the gaskets with acetone, brake cleaner, anything to remove any greasy substance to insure a solid seal and to eliminate any chance of a vacuum leak.
Apply “Gasket #2” in a very thin application, to both sides of the paper gasket.


The Sniper Headunit to RLLC Manifold adapter torque specs are:
60 to 80-in./lbs. or 5 to 6-ft./lbs. for all four mounting bolts.

Loose a 10mm socket in the process?
Do you have your overland-spec 10mm Socket Morale Patch?

1F / 2F Manifold Prep for Carb or Sniper – Save An F-Series Toyota Engine

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