HOW? Show / Vote – CLasses for Land Cruisers And Coffee
Parking Lot Show

1] 40-Series
2] 55-Series
3] 60-Series
4] 80-Series
5] 100-Series
6] IFS-Series (Toyota 4Runner / Tacoma / Tundra)
7] Concours D’Raisin
8] Most Adventurist

Yes, we’ve made a couple of changes in the classes by consolidating the FJ60/62 class as well as the FJ/FZJ80 class. SORRY! But this is our first show and not sure how it will go. But, it’s all for fun, free for you with a chance to walk away with some prizes.


WHEN YOU ARRIVE (Those wishing to be in the show), we will issue you this form to fill out and we will assign you a show number.
The Right hand portion of the form will go in the vehicle’s USDM-Driver Side window on the dash. We keep the left portion so we know who-is-who to announce as class winners. The portion that goes inside your vehicle is for the spectators so they can see what number to cast their votes for! BRING YOUR FRIENDS! See VOTE FORM BELOW. See CLASS notes and descriptions down below.

VOTE FORM – Land Cruisers & Coffee

Winners of each class at Land Cruisers & Coffee will be chosen my the spectators, viewers, friends and/or whomever you can encourage to vote for you! Best Of Show is being reserved for a special voting session to be announced day of the event. Those who choose one favorite vehicle for each class can turn in the form and receive a raffle ticket for prize to be drawn day of the event. Must be present to win – standard parking lot raffle rules apply.


All the classes are pretty much self explanatory, but we know you like to read and have clear cut instructions.

You can only choose one class, thus a little creativity may need to be pondered as we have a couple of “wild card” classes to make things interesting. please read the following info for  “Concours D’Raisin” Class and the “Most Adventurist” class as these two classes may offer you a more specific or fitting classification.

Raisins raisins raisins… What is our fascination with rock raisined sheet metal, tree scrappage and shrapnelized sheet metal? It all sounds like a proper trail rig to us! Bring your Trail-Mix bag of Trail Tested-Raisined Toyota rig out to show off your battle scars! Yes we are talking about sun dried and rock fried ‘Yota of any sort! Show us what a beat down Toyota looks like! We know it’s your favorite ol’trusty that you would drive off into the sunset any ol’day! What happens when you push the limits and smash your rig into the rocks or get squeezed by those massive pine trees? Check those off too! But it has to be 100% drivable!

  • Raisined body work – check!
  • Weathered treatment – check!
  • Red Solo cups for rear turn signals keeps you from getting pulled over!
  • Must be Toyota powered / Toyota chassis.

Maybe your rig is not the “standard” daily commuter type Land Cruiser or even a “weekend warrior” kitting Toyota. Maybe Toyota is a full-blown adventure machine! THIS IS THE SHOW CLASS FOR YOU! Is your rig prepped for a full-on safari expedition and you want to be fully equipped and fully self-contained! Does Overland Journal or Expedition Portal sound familiar? Must be 100% street drivable because all adventures requires tarmac transits.
Must be Toyota Powered & Toyota Chassis. 

Tagged, insured, highway legal and highway operable.

  • Head lights – check!
  • Tail lights – check! 
  • Turn signals – check! 
  • Mirrors – check!
  • License plate – check!
  • Seat Belts – check!
  • Insurance Documents – check!

Vehicle Recovery Items:

  • Front frame mounted recovery point or points are required
  • Rear frame mounted recovery point or points are required 
  • Full size spare tire
  • 1 working winch
  • 1 pulley block rated for winch.
  • 1 tree strap
  • 1 recovery strap

Vehicle Protection

  • Front Bumper
  • Sliders
  • Rear Bumper
  • Exterior Items:
  • Roof Rack
  • Snorkel 
  • Limb Risers
  • Spare Tire Carrier

Additional Items on Rig:

  • Camp Gear (A method to sleep; hammock, tent, RTT, swag-bag and or sleeping bag.
  • Camp Kitchen (A method of sustaining yourself and your dependents / occupants).
  • Water Container (A method of providing drinkable water to yourself and your dependents / occupants).
  • Fuel Containers – For extra long distance travel because it’s an ADVENTURE and you are READY!

Let us know your coming by hitting that “GOING” button:


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