FOR SALE: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

See 75+ high res pics below. See even higher res pics here.


1985 Toyota LandCruiser FJ60 out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was purchased by the Dad back in 1985 and he gave it to his adult daughter a couple years ago. Before giving it to his daughter he spent nearly $5,000 to get it safe and running. This FJ60 is all original and in excellent mehanical condition.

I can help arrange vehicle shipping anywhere in the United States (i have a dependable shipper I’ve used for several auctions…they’re quite reasonable. I’ll help set up shipping but the buyer pays for the shipping).


-169k original miles

-VIN JT3FJ60G4F1130300

-Metallic Blue Exterior, Blue-Grey Interior

-1 Family owner; New Mexico/Colorado vehicle (dry climate)

-Clean Colorado title

-Original seats in excellent condition; we’re covered with seat covers most of their life

-All original

-New 31″ x 10.5 x r15 Cooper Discoverer STT Tires (all five replaced)

-Includes service records, owners manual, tool bag and tools, jack and jack crank rods (service records listed below in detail)

-New JVC AM/FM/CD/SAT radio with USB, iPhone hookup, and aux input (utilizes original speakers in front doors; two more speakers could easily be added to the back)

-New dash

-A/C serviced and blows cold; Updated to new freon (R-1234yf)

-New thermostat, thermostat housing gasket, thermostat gasket and all coolant replaced

-Front seat has typical tear on bottom but Cruiser comes with another matching bottom seat without a tear that can be swapped in.

-Smog pump replaced

-$5000 worth of work done in last 10k miles including front axle rebuild, clutch master, clutch slave, intake manfold, adjust valves, valve cover gasket, rear brake cylinders, brakes adjusted, catalytic converter

-4 speed manual transmission shifts smooth, straight 6 motor (2F engine) runs strong

-4WD works perfect

-Fully smogged; expect it will pass emissions in any state (although not guaranteed)


Here is a breakdown on all the service records that were given to me going back quite a ways. Some of the penmanship was difficult to read, but I’ve done my best to list everything that has been serviced.

-169,175 – $34.99 – Oil change, lube, filter and inspection

-169,175 – $850.00 – 5 new Cooper Discover STT Tires installed (4 plus spare) – 31″ x 10.5 x r15

-168,948 – $225.00 – New thermostat, thermostat housing gasket, thermostat gasket, replaced all coolant

-168,925 – $1,500.00 – Replaced missing chrome trim around top near roof, new dash, new AM/FM/CD/SAT/iPod-ready radio, replaced front seat belt clips with better ones, replaced rear lap belts with better working used ones, replaced rear cargo panel with a better used one, replaced missing wiper arm cover.

-168,900 – $350.00 – Replaced smog pump & adjusted timing

-167,551 – 179.69 – New fuel pump

-167,210 – $66.10 – Oil change

-164,699 – $0.00 – Warranty battery replacement; DieHard battery

-164,455 – Replace choke cable and adjust

-163,566 – $32.41 – Oil change

-163,364 – $258.61 – New alternator? (hard to read handwriting on receipt)

-162,751 – $643.16 – Emission check, replaced air injection pump

-162,285 – $606.28 – New catalytic converter

-162,266 – $16.04 – Oil change

-161.744 – $151.09 – New belts

-161,573 – $3,821.18 – Air filter, adjust valves, replaced valve cover gasket, new LH window regulator and door handle, new rear brake cylinders, repair parking brake, bleed brakes, replaced LH speaker, adjust belts, new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, bleed clutch, rebuilt front axle, new front brake hoses, replaced front intake manifold and exhaust gaskets, new vacuum hoses.

-158,827 – $251.81 – New fuel pump

-158,764 – $421.52 – Oil change, new front brakes and rotors

-156,261 – $702.13 – New smog pump, oil change, new belt

-154,234 – $181.26 – Replaced spark plugs, compression test performed (#1 = 135, #2 = 130, #3 = 120, #4 = 135, #5 = 130, #6 = 135)

-151,786 – $983.88 – New fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, igniter module, distrubutor cap and rotor, plug wires, plugs, diff fluid changed, t-case fluid changed, oil change, transmission fluid changed

-153,760 – $47.23 – Oil change, Diff fluid

-147,985 – 504.67 – New tires. 235 75 r15 (2/21/2005)

-145,921 – $730.82 – Oil change, A/C line, O-rings, Freon, New A/C condensor

-144,251 – $116.83 – Replaced broken speedometer cable

-142,422 – $181.60 – Tune up, plugs, air filter

-139,636 – $58.52 – Oil change, new air filter

-133,967 – $2,504.85 – Rebuilt carb, manifold gasket and exhaust gaskets replaced, adjust valves, fuel filter, oil change, air filter, new radiator, radiator fan, new water pump, new fan belts

-127,610 – $386.12 – 135k mile service, oil change, air filter, serviced transmission, change diff oil, balanced tires, lubed chassis, new plugs

-114,538 – $1,025.46 – 120k mile service, belts, replaced choke cable, new radiator hoses, alignment, plugs, distributor cap

-92,264 – $470.48 – New clutch, rear main seal

-91,967 – $512.12 – New alternator, new starter

-11/5/1997 – $1,138.95 – New paint job

This Cruiser is up for sale on eBay. Bidding starts at $1,000. Bid here now!



1-owner FJ60s are hard to come by. This one is in good shape, but like all vintage Land Cruisers, this one has a few issues including:

-A bit of rust

-Dents by the passenger side rocker panel where it appears someone hit a rock on a trail (we’d recommend a simple metal repair and rust repair and then LineX the rockers and 1″ or so around the wheel wells. It would look like this.)

-Dent by rear drivers taillight and a couple small dents on the bumpers (you can still get original replacement bumpers from Toyota)

-Interior carpet needs to be cleaned or possibly replaced. Roughly $1000 to have it done or you can do it yourself for $600 with a full carpet set replacement you can get online

Needs a carb adjustment: runs just fine, but needs to be dialed in. Driven from Albuquerque to Colorado Springs (300 miles) a few weeks ago and ran just fine the whole way.

-Leak coming from the rear main seal. Typical leak…9/10 Cruisers have this leak. $20 part, but most folks wait to do the clutch to replace.

-Small tear in headliner near the back cargo area; headliner could use a cleaning

Here are pics of the dents, minor rust spots, and other issues

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