FJ Information:

A customer of ours is selling this 1972 FJ40. The original F engine was recently rebuilt by another mechanic in Colorado (not Red Line) and after only 2,000 miles the engine threw a rod and is currently out of commission. Either rebuild the engine, replace it (Red Line has one that can be swapped out), or have a V8 installed.


Clean title
Original F engine and 3 speed manual transmission ( on the floor )
4WD works great
Engine was recently rebuilt, and appears to have been done well (obviously, except for the fact that it threw a rod).
New clutch
New Weber carb
New brake master and booster
New coil
New fuel pump
New radiator
New MSD Ignition
All gauges work and the speedo needle looks brand new
Passed emissions a couple years back (expect it will pass again)
3-4″ Pro Comp Lift
33″ x 12.5 x 15″ Tires
Aluminum wheels
New Bestop Full Soft Top
Recent paint job
All glass is in clean condition
All original and OEM parts used whenever/wherever possible
AM/FM CD Player with four speakers works and sounds great. Can easily be removed if looking to keep it completely factory.
All the original knobs are there and everything works
Blinkers, lights, and interior lights all work
Factory tow hitch with wiring for trailer ready to go
Original rear bumperettes
Original rear jump seats
Original front bench seat recently reupholstered and looks great
You can tell that the guy that had the work done cared about OEM. Even the oil filter is a Toyota oil filter and there are TEQ stamps on most everything.
Warn 8274 winch works great

Here are the down sides (at least according to a FJ purist who appreciates an all-original FJ40):

1) Obviously, the biggest down side is that the engine blew a rod. That said, everything else in this rig is pretty much brand new and you can tell it was cared for. From the Toyota emblems, to the radiator, brake lights, coil, and other interior parts, you can see that that the person cared about having NOS Toyota parts replaced. If you’re handy and can rebuild the engine yourself, you’re going to have a really nice rig at a steal of a price. Even if you pay someone to rebuild the engine, you’ll still be ahead at $5,500.

2) The paint job is just okay. It looks nice and presents extremely well, but it’s not a top of the line, $6000 paint job. Of course, this is not a $25,000 asking price, either. So, for what it is, the paint job is really pretty nice and it’s a head-turner the way it is.

3) The interior wasn’t painted to match. The dash is green and the interior doors are black. It doesn’t look awful, but if I were looking to keep this rig and restore it, I would either look to match the interior with the same color as the exterior or do the body and the paint right.

4) The metal is in good shape with the exception of the rear corners and a small bit of rust by the rockers. The fenders are beautiful, as is the hood, apron, rear barn doors, front doors, front windshield frame and interior floor boards. The underbody is in really good shape, as is to be expected for a Colorado vehicle.

5) There is some overspray on the steering wheel, but this should easily be cleaned up


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