BARN FIND: Mining Operation turned Ski Resort,
Rescued Rare 1962 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser

BARN FIND: Mining Operation turned Ski Resort, Rescued 1962 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser
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Are you looking for a rare gem of a Toyota Land Cruiser?
FOR SALE: 1962 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Factory Soft Top – $17,000

History as we know it… This rare 1962 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser was purchased new from the Toyota dealership in Boulder, Colorado. At some point, this FJ40 became an actual work truck at Eldora Mine, which eventually became Eldora Mountain Colorado Ski Resort. The hand-crafted hard top, albeit poorly crafted, is what actually saved this Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser form a rusty death. When we picked up the 1962 FJ40, it barely ran, and only on 3-cylinders.

Nothing on this poor old rig worked; no lights, no blinkers, the transfer case was blown up, and the shifter was broken. The cooling system needed repair, and the alternator was installed improperly. We had our work cut out for us, but with this much Colorado history, we rolled up our sleeves and committed to bringing it back to life! “SAVE THE F-SERIES!” Right?!

Here is what Red Line Land Cruisers did to get this to running/driving status:

  • Fixed the alternator wiring and mounting position
  • Fixed the radiator and cooling system
  • Toyota coil and wires. new plugs
  • Re-timed the dizzy
  • Reset the dizzy for proper ignition timing
  • Adjusted the valves
  • Proper oil change, Brad Penn 10w40 oil
  • New OEM oil filter
  • Fixed the trans shifter linkages
  • Fixed the steering column pivot assembly
  • Fixed the wiring to get all the lights and blinkers working
  • New rear OEM TOYOTA 1962 tail lights
  • Fabricated reproduction tail light brackets
  • Kioto headlights
  • Full t-case rebuild with proper bearings, seals, and new High/low main
    shaft bushings with proper oil clearance
  • Changed all oils, rear axle, front axle, trans, and T-case
  • Greased all joints in steering and drive-shafts
  • Fixed Front Selectro lock-out hubs with OEM period correct bolts and
  • Cleaned out front and rear axle breathers

What is fantastic about this cruiser? Glad you asked!

  • All 23mm OEM period correct early style lug nuts
  • It has the original “Green” starter, original dizzy, and all drive-train,
  • “Darth Vader” interior light. OEM period correct.
  • “Big Window” SD-40 1BBL carb; untouched
  • FJ25 vintage cluster; speedo works and oil pressure light
    works. Fuel and water do not. All lights work.
  • The engine has good compression due to the fact it starts in 1 second with
    out pumping the gas or pulling the choke
  • Trans and T-case are a 2-year-only build from the TOYOTA line
  • Last year of the centered rear axle – 1962
  • Rare double-sided front blinkers

Here is your chance to own one of the rarer FJ40 Land Cruisers. A classic Colorado beauty ready for a new home! Give us a call for serious inquiries only: (719) 638-2003

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