Are you looking to replace that worn-out weatherstripping on the doors of your FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser? It’s tempting to go with the aftermarket weatherstripping. After all, it’s so much cheaper than the Toyota weather stripping. But if you want rattle-free windows and doors on your FJ40, going with the aftermarket stuff is not the way to go. Do it right the first time with Genuine Toyota Parts, and the Land Cruiser gods will smile down upon you!

Below is a picture of Toyota OEM weatherstripping vs. aftermarket weatherstripping. As you can tell, the one on the left/bottom is the good stuff from Toyota, as it is much beefier and fits/installs perfectly. The cheaper stuff (on the right/top) leaves a gap for your window or door to rattle around.

FJ40 Weather Stripping - OEM vs Aftermarket

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