We came across this FJ40 OEM PTO (power take off) winch on eBay here. It’s a beautiful example of how the original Toyota Land Cruiser PTO winch is supposed to look and operate. Below is the description from the eBay seller along with pictures from the eBay listing.


This is a Factory Toyota Landcruiser PTO (power take-off) winch package for the FJ series Toyota Landcruisers. See pictures for details and condition. This does not include power take off unit that mounts directly to the transfer case or the shift lever.

The PTO winch takes power off the engine through a PTO unit attached to the transmission. From the PTO unit power is transmitted forward with a drive shaft, through a pillow block and connects to the rear input of the winch. This connection is made with a shear pin, designed to fail when the system reaches a load beyond that which it was designed to handle in order to prevent damage to the drive line. Inside the winch case is a worm gear, which further reduces the gearing and rotates the inner shaft of the spool. The drum freely spins on the inner shaft unless a notched clutch mechanism is engaged and the drum is locked into the drive train. This clutch is controlled with a lever on the US passenger side of the winch. Gear oil is used to lubricant the worm gear case. This winch has been completely refurbished and is in excellent working condition and ready for use.

  • The gear box seals have been replaced
  • Gear oil drained and replaced
  • Hardware/bolts replaced as needed
  • Cable rollers refurbished
  • Paint stripped and repainted with hardened chassis paint
  • New 150’ of 5/16” galvanized steel cable/thimble, hardened chain and hook
  • New cable thimble and hook
  • New shear pin and spare
  • Includes couplings and main drive shaft

The winch has 150 feet of 5/16″ 7×19 galvanized steel cable with a breaking strength of 9800 pounds. These PTO winches are extremely rugged and they are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. They do not have the limitations of an electric winch. They can run for hours without draining your battery or burning up your solenoids or electrical cables. The speed can be controlled with the engine throttle, and they can be operated in wet conditions or even submerged.

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