FJ40 F-Series Charcoal Canister SetUp & Explanation

This 1977 FJ43 Land Cruiser was imported from South America and brought to us for the mechanical restoration as it already had it’s visual paint slap and importation documentation sorted. This “extra-cab” Land Cruiser arrived with a factory-specified 2F engine but was equipped with a “no name knock-off” non-Toyota carburetor. Driving the FJ43 was a bit problematic as it would hesitate under acceleration and this is not a good thing when taking off from a traffic light or pulling out into traffic. Also the beautiful Land Cruiser made the shop smell of unburnt gas. This is not going to go well in the owners garage.


Every vehicle with or without an “emissions systems” needs a charcoal canister system simply because GAS EXPANDS!

You can “de-smog” the F/2F engine, but it needs the charcoal system! The fuel tank needs to vent and the fuel system needs a return system as gas expands and contracts with heat. This would all be fine if our ambient temperature always stayed below 50-degrees. But even elevation also affects fuel pressure within the fuel tank.


With all of our mechanical restoration completed, it’ time to make this 40-Series actually drivable. This 2F powered Land Cruiser got an “Amazon” carb thrown at it and is not equipped with it’s charcoal canister system, hench the smell of unburnt gas and what is most likely a fuel delivery / vacuum issue that is causing the hesitation when attempting to drive the vehicle. And the cheap knock-off carb does not have a fuel return to run the unburnt fuel back into the fuel tank, nor release any vapor pressure.

For this 2F powered 40-Series Land Cruiser we will use a factory FJ60 Carburetor and the FJ60 Mechanical Fuel Pump. FJ60 carbs are known to run better than earlier FJ40 carbs and we are keeping the fuel system a “matched set” by also using the FJ60 mechanical fuel pump.  The FJ60 mechanical fuel pump sends pressurized unused gas back to the tank vs the FJ40 carb sending unused fuel to the tank. This is Toyota’s 1980’s development advancement with the continuation of the 2F engine under the FJ60 bonnet – we want to take full advantage of this.

If you are reading this because you purchased one of our charcoal canister kits (RL1001 / RL1002), and simply wanting to know how to install those items, we will hopefully get you through that process as well, but understanding the overall system will help you make sense of it all.

Complete kit includes:

• Heater Mount Bracket
• Charcoal Canister
• Vac-Valve
• Check Valve (not shown)
• T-Vac Connector
• 4-ft 6mm Black Silicone Hose
• 2-ft 4mm Black Silicone Hose
• Mounting hardware



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