Dynamat Extreme – Noise and Heat Protection for Toyota Land Cruiser

Dynamat Extreme - Noise and Heat Protection for Toyota Land Cruiser

Red Line is currently working on two Resto-Mod Land Cruisers. As we all know, Land Cruisers aren’t competing for quietest rig on the road, especially if you’re running on oversized mud terrain tires. And in the summertime if you’ve got your hard top on, the cabin can heat up quickly turning your FJ into a full-blown sauna.

There are several options out there for trying to quiet your FJ cabin or keep the heat down. There are products that can slip under your OEM front or rear Toyota mats. These are fairly inexpensive but they don’t do a very good job of quieting things down or keeping the heat out.

Over the years, our favorite product that we’ve come to rely on is  Dynamat Extreme.

Here’s what Dynamat has to say about their product:

When it comes to making your hot rod ride like a luxury car, Dynamat does the job. Dynamat is used by the world’s top hot rod and custom builders because they know it makes their cars ride cool and quiet. Dynamat makes cars feel solid – doors and trunks slam snug, rain and wind virtually disappear and your interior becomes a quiet, comfortable cruising environment. Use Dynamat on the interior sheet metal of your vehicle to stop vibration and reduce road noise. Add a Dynamat brand thermo acoustic liners- such as Dynaliner, Extremeliner, Tac Mat or DynaPad to fight heat and low frequency hums from big engines and exhaust systems – and you’ve got the ultimate ride. Dynamat is the ultimate automotive accessory.  

We typically purchase the Dynamat Extreme Bulk Pak, which covers 36 square feet. It includes nine sheets of Dynamat Extreme. Each sheet mesaures 18″x 32″ (457mm x 812mm). If you’re careful, you can do the floors on an FJ40. It takes about XXX boxes to cover the floors on a FJ55, FJ60, or FJ80. But why stop at the floor? This stuff does such a good job of stopping road noise, that we install it behind the door panels and on top of the roof. If you’re wondering about the headliner, there’s no need to worry…your OEM FJ headliner can be easily adhered to the dynamat without and drooping.

Dynamat is about as thick as a nickel and, in our minds, does the best job of keeping you cooler in the summer and affording you a decent conversation in your Cruiser (as opposed to shouting your conversation in the cab).

Have us install it for you at our Colorado Springs location.
Give us a call at (719) 210.0101 or email us for a quote.

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