Deciphering FJ40 Headlight Switches / 40-Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Lighting switches for Early Land Cruisers manufactured by Toyota and/or their sub-suppliers:

84112-60011 Switch Assembly, 1/79 – 10/85 Globally (no photo)
• 84112-60010 Switch Assembly, with Reostat 1974+ 
• 84112-20030 Switch Assembly, 1973 (Only)  
• 84110-60030 Switch Assembly, 1969 – 1972 (Non-US)  
• 84110-60010 Switch Assembly (DISCONTINUED), Replaced 84110-59640
84112-60030 Switch Assembly, Canada Only 24-VOLTS, 3/78 – 9/84 BJ40, BJ42 (no photo)

Deciphering FJ40 Headlight Switches - Spotters Guide Deciphering FJ40 Headlight Switches - Spotters Guide

84110-60010 Switch Assembly, Toyota Land Cruiser

84110-60010 Switch Assembly (DISCONTINUED)

Part# 84110-60030 (SWITCH ASSY, LIGHT CONTROL, NO.1) 1969 – 1972 (Non-US)

We love these mechanical switches as the are so versatile for various applications beyond just headlights.

Deciphering FJ40 Headlight Switches - Spotters Guide
We use the 84110-60030 (SWITCH ASSY, LIGHT CONTROL, NO.1) to control the Air compressor, Rear Locker and Front Locker in many of our in-house customer builds (later we will post a wiring diagram for this setup). Side note: Pin Identification for 1968 FJ40 Headlight Switch:

The 84110-60030 Switch is found on the following models:
03/1969-06/1980 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER; FJ40, FJ42, FJ43, FJ45 FJ55, BJ40, HJ45

Model Dates – Matching Models:
03/1969-12/1974 FJ40
03/1969-07/1974 FJ40-B
03/1969-12/1974 FJ40-C
03/1969-12/1974 FJ40L
03/1969-07/1974 FJ40L-B
03/1969-12/1974 FJ40L-C
03/1969-12/1974 FJ40LV
03/1969-12/1974 FJ40V
03/1969-02/1972 FJ42L
03/1969-12/1974 FJ43
03/1969-07/1974 FJ43-B
03/1969-12/1974 FJ43-C
03/1969-12/1974 FJ43L
03/1969-07/1974 FJ43L-B
03/1969-12/1974 FJ43L-C
03/1969-12/1974 FJ45LP-B
03/1969-12/1974 FJ45LP-B3
03/1969-12/1974 FJ45P-B
03/1969-12/1974 FJ45P-B3
03/1969-12/1974 FJ55LV
03/1969-12/1974 FJ55LV-B
03/1969-12/1974 FJ55V
03/1969-12/1974 FJ55V-B

84112-20030 Switch Assembly, 1973 (Only)

The 84112-20030 Switch was only utilized one year (1973) for the 40-Series Land Cruiser. Note the unique bulb plug-in to light up the plastic internal of the knob’s shaft to illuminate the knob.


84112-60010 Switch Assembly, with Reostat 1974+

84112-60010 Switch Assembly, with Reostat 1974+ for Toyota Land Cruisers is quite unique with reostat mechanism. Most of these you find, the clear “light transmitting” indicator piece is broken off.


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