Hopefully you’ve already read: Day 1: Spring Epic 22 & DAY-2…
DAY-4: SPRING EPIC 2022 #SpringEpic22

DAY FOUR: The Red Line Land Cruisers Spring Epic Overland Trip 2022

Where is DAY-3? Day-3 photos will be the last and largest collection of images from this trip! Yeap! Saving the best for last!

Photos & Story: Rodney Wills [Monday – March 21, 2022] The day starts with a noticeable chill in the air, but the warm sun is hitting the side of my tent. Hey, my tent is still standing and with a quick look outside, I’m still with the group on the rock ledge edge of the world! It was CRAZY WINDY last night! Good thing I spent the extra time tying my tent down as best possible!

With yesterday’s epicness, today felt like a “day after” an epic day… A bit tired, not really a melancholy day, just a mellow day… But it’s still early in the morning and I have no idea what today is going to actually bring so I reserve my expectations as yesterday was such day of epicness!

Yes, I awake in or shall I say “ON” the Toroweap Overlook! OK, it’s the campground of the lookout, but I am here and looking out from our camp area at what is already spectacular! I will keep a bit of this for the Day-3 post, but yeah, Toroweap Overlook has been on my “TO DO” for quite some time! I’ve got my little “gold star” on my Google Maps because you never know when you might be in the area. While this has been on my To-Do plans, this was not my doing. The team had this planned or I should say, “planned” but not reserved… Again, I will save those details for DAY-3 post.

DAY-4: SPRING EPIC 2022 #SpringEpic22

Regardless, I’m here so I break camp and get to scrambling up on the rocks all around us to take in the views snap a few photos. This is truly an amazing place and will one day return with the wifey!

DAY-4: SPRING EPIC 2022 #SpringEpic22

From our spectacular camping location, we will head over to “overlook” section of the of this epic location in the middle of “nowhere!”

We spot these two rigs as we mosey our way over. Every 80-Series owner now has that one buddy who is just getting into overlanding and he has the 100/200/GX-Series because the 80-Series are so costly OR they have a GX for their daily and discovered it’s abilities to be a robust dirt road tourer! Or maybe he was an 80-Series owner, sold it and now refuses to pay what 80-Series are now going for! Just my visual speculation… It’s always interesting to here how people come into these rigs and why they choose what they have chosen. I didn’t get to meet the owners of these rigs, so it’s all speculation…

But, while I am spouting rhetoric, “The land of use to be Civic’s & Integra’s is now the land of Taco’s & 4Runners…”

No safety rail – ALL EPIC SPECTACULARNESS! But commands respect or thins the heard (2 or 4 legged).

After our little dillydally on the ledge of the earth, it’s time to head out of the one-way out-and-back. It’s only Day-4 of SpringEpic22 and we have ground to cover!

Twelve tires – two compressors…

Three guys to operate proper tire inflation procedure.

Aired up, say our goodbyes to the ranger station. Until next time…

The Solo Motorsports / King Shocks suspension setup on the 4Runner might have a 1,000-miles on it now. So far SO GOOD! Do a quick visual inspection and make way!

From this remote Arizona location we will be traveling to Kanab, Utah to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes!

It’s not that far, but we will take the most dirt way possible!

The ICON Vehicles Dynamics equipped #RLLC80 is keeping pace with the King / Solo equipped 4Runner. But these are two very different vehicles! The RLLC4R has two occupants and lightly packed (think backpackers) and the RLLC80 has four occupants + animal and is heavily equipped with all the overland creature comforts of home!

RLLC80 Kickin’ up dust like Luke Bryan ’cause Justin is country like that! Hope he likes this song!

It’s a big beautiful desert out here! Rugged and remote, just the way we like it!

Upon arrival to the Coral Pink Sand Dune area, we make camp and take a quick scouting lap in the ultra-soft sand trails.

Good evening with a cozy campfire to end another epic day.

Day-5 of the Spring Epic 2022




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