We recently picked up a 1975 FJ40 out of Alamosa, Colorado. It hadn’t been run in nearly 15 years. We called to inquire about the LC and the owner gave us the run down on the nearly 40-year-old Dune Beige Cruiser. As he described it, he told us there was a rear bench in the back and we went up anticipating a fairly rusted and rotted out bench seat. To our surprise, the rear seat was an original Con-Ferr bench seat in near perfect condition. It even had the underseat storage and rear storage area. The vinyl was in mint condition.

We took it out of the Cruiser and hit it with some Armorall and it looked as good as new. Aside from some surface rust on the bottom of the seat, due to moisture being trapped underneath, this bench seat was practically brand new.

If you’ve got kids or someone that won’t ride in the back of your FJ because the factory jump seats are just way too uncomfortable, this seat is a great alternative to the jump seats.

There is storage under the seat itself and storage in the rear, which is perfect for keeping gloves, tow straps, chains, tools, or other gear. You could also cut holes into that smaller rear storage area and easily drop in some speakers.

Fits perfectly in the back of any FJ40.

39 7/8″ wide (40 1/8″ if you include the bolt heads)
23 3/4″ deep
21 3/4″ high

Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404964 Bench Seat Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404966 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404965 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404967 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404968 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404969 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404970 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404971 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404972 Con-Ferr-Storage-Bench-Seat-FJ404973