Land Cruisers in the Movies & TV

You’ll find Land Cruisers in the movies and on TV all the time. Hollywood seems [...]

SOLD! 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

1977 FJ40 with 5spd H55f, Rebuilt/Blueprinted 2f Motor Great shape Red exterior color A little [...]

FJ40 OEM Wheel Restoration – Wire Cup Brush or Sandblasting?

If you’re looking to restore your original FJ40 wheels you may be wondering to use [...]

FJ40 OEM Wheel / Rim Restoration – Using a Wire Cup Brush

I’m working on restoring a 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. It’s an early 75, so [...]

H55F 5 speed Transmission swap, Toyota Landcruiser

H55F 5 speed Transmission swap, Toyota Landcruiser  The H55F 5 speed transmission swap is a [...]

Toyota Land Cruiser Computer Desktop Background Image (Wallpapers)

What makes for a better desktop or wallpaper image on your computer, laptop, tablet or [...]

“Green Machine” 77 FJ-40 Conversion Project

V8 Conversions are a very popular service here at Red Line. This customer found this [...]

1974 FJ-40 “Ol’ Blue”

This 1974 FJ-40 dubbed “Ol’ Blue was a project that needed a new heart! We [...]

OEM Paint for FJ40 Bottle Jack, Rods, and Crank

That FJ40 bottle jack. It’s a thing of beauty. If you’re lucky enough to have [...]

SOLD! 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Long Bed Pickup Truck

This beautiful FJ45 has sold and gone to it’s new owner! *** If you’re looking [...]

Project “Iron Moose” – 1979 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser / Red Line Land Cruisers

Project Iron Moose is a 1979 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser. These ’79s are few and [...]

Custom Crafted Aluminum, FJ-45 Extra Cab, A.KA. Project “SnowFlake”

This custom crafted truck is an all aluminum FJ-45 Extra Cab!This meant another 8″ of [...]

“The Dog’s Bollocks” 1977 FJ-40 Red Line Resto Rock Rod

“The Dog’s Bollocks” 1977 FJ-40 was crafted with the avid wheeler in mind!  The customer wanted [...]

Project “Beaker” – 1981 BJ44

Beaker is a 1981 BJ44 from Japan. The owner has turboed the 2B diesel engine [...]

1977 FJ55 – Iron Pig

We restored this beautiful FJ55 to it’s original condition. A stunning example of a rare, [...]

Project Rowdy – 1977 Land Cruiser FJ40

Project Rowdy is a 1977 Land Cruiser FJ40. It was completely restored inside and out [...]

Dynamat Extreme – Noise and Heat Protection for Toyota Land Cruiser

Dynamat Extreme – Noise and Heat Protection for Toyota Land Cruiser Red Line is currently [...]

Small Block Conversions

Wanting more power and fuel economy for your Land Cruiser? By far the most common [...]

Power Steering Conversions

Red Line power steering conversions are top quality from start to finish. We install these [...]

Your Dream Truck is Waiting

You know what you want, but the thought of installing it seems a little overwhelming? [...]

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