While JailBreak Overlander was here working on his 5th Gen 4Runner as he was crisscrossing the country, we had a couple of “nice” looking FJ40’s in the shop that he was eyeballing, but a quick response back to him about the “state of arrival” jarred him just a bit. As he poked around these rigs and crew to hear the different stories about these South American “imported treasures”, he simply felt compelled to make this video.

Ritchie was “frank” with his questions and we are honest in our discoveries while working on such FJ40’s. Like we said, “if it’s wearing lipstick, better check the dipstick!” and OH SO MUCH MORE! If it’s crusty and rusty, it’s a functioning 40-Series but if it comes in with pretty paint and blacked out undercoating, it’s fit for your static display purposes. We will trail in the woods with the crusty rusty’s and we will perform the necessary mechanical restoration to keep up with the looks of pretty painted Land Cruiser. We love them all and treat each and every one of them per what needs to make them safely travel down the trail.

Enjoy the video:




Listen Linda…. 

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