37″ Tires with NO RUB – LOCK – TO – LOCK!
With Red Line Land Cruisers 80-Series DIY Front Axle Relocation Kit

Does your 80-Series Land Cruiser have 35″+  tires and is currently rubbing the firewall?
Want better tire clearance? Want to go to 37″ tires?

37" Tires with NO RUB - LOCK - TO - LOCK 80-Series
Move Axle Forward 1″ for better tire clearance

The #RLLC80‘s front axle has been moved forward 33.3mm with a 3″ suspension lift in addition to a 1″ body lift, because we don’t want to loose foot room by cutting firewall – fender area.

The RLLC80-Series is rolling 37×13.50R17 Cooper Tires and with the DIY F/A ReLo Kit, 3-inch lift and 1-inch body lift, the 80-Series can steer lock-to-lock without touching the tires on the inner fender wells.

Want to get your big tires rolling without rubbing? ROLL WITHOUT THE RUB with the 80-Series DIY Front Axle Relocation Kit!

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Colorado Springs, CO

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