7 Reasons to upgrade your FJ40 mechanical points to an Electronic Ignition System

1: Replace your mechanical points system to a dependable maintenance free system. Never replace points again!

2: Simple Installation Process. Remove the mechanical points and condenser and installing the Pertronix Igniter and mag ring.

3: Visually undetectable under the hood as the Pertronix Igniter sits under the distributor cap. Get all the benefits of electronic ignition while retaining the factory looks of the distributor.

4: FUEL ECONOMY! With a clean efficient burn, you will save money at the gas pump as you be getting better gas milage per gallon.

5: Pertronix Electronic Ignition system are 50-State Legal / Canada Legal and C.A.R.B. Compliant.

6: Make it a combo! Combine the Pertronix Igniter with an Pertronix Coil for a matched performance ignition system.

7: Choices, choices, choices… But we tend to find what combination works for these old FJ40 Toyota Land Cruisers and stick with the winning PERTRONIX combo!

You will find these Pertronix goodies as part of our 2F/F Performance TuneUp Kit, 1968 – 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser.




Originally known as Per-Lux, the company was founded in 1962, primarily a manufacturer of driving and fog lights for the heavy-duty truck market. In the early 70’s, a Per-Lux engineer developed an electronic ignition system that would replace the points and condenser in distributors. After patenting the product, Per-Lux started manufacturing the Ignitor® with sales and marketing emphasis on the forklift and industrial engine markets. Soon the Ignitor was introduced to the automotive market, offering its superior performance and in 1985 the first replacement electronic distributor was introduced. In 1991, Tom Reh acquired the Ignition Division and PerTronix was born with a total commitment to the ignition market. In the years that followed, the reliable, high quality, competitively priced Ignitor took over the industry with Sales of Over 4 million units to date. The expertise and industry knowledge within PerTronix had the team setting their sights on new product segments and so began the legacy of PerTronix Performance Brands.

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