Over in Japan, homeland to our Toyota Land Cruisers, they do things differently than we do here in the USA, as evident in this video from Wani Media! Initially I discovered the 6X6 60-Series on Wani Media’s Instagram page and also saw that he had a YouTube channel so I searched his page until I found the 6-wheeled Toyota Land Cruiser!

With that I discovered that 4X4’ing is alive and well in Japan with event’s that seemed to be geared to new enthusiast as the owner of the 6X6 60-Series is filmed by Wani Media at an event called TRY-X West held at JMD Gracan Off Road Park in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Per the JMD Gracan website the facility, or this particular event is geared for new 4X4 offroad enthusiast. The website states, “Off-road course that can be enjoyed by friends and family. Kyoto’s four-wheel drive shop “Grand Canyon” produced a course with the concept of “even beginners can enjoy.” 

•  Instagram Wani Media
•  YouTube Wani Media
•  Gracan OffRoad Park

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