LIKE WOW! This whole “overlanding thing” is just plain WILD!

We are such the old-school Coleman folk, this “new-fangled farkle” just “cooks our noodles” as to what is actually happening in our lifetime.

OK TOYOTA, where is the TEQ Camp Kitchen Version for the 300-Series Land Cruiser.
Maybe a propane version is slated for the 400-Series. But with the AG Auto Electric Toyota 70-Series Land Cruiser, maybe the mining foreman need an electric cook top version as well. Tea and crumpets?

See the video showing the Snow Peak kitted Rivian R1T Electric Adventure Truck.

WHO IS this SNOW PEAK company? Give this a read.

Now… about this whole electric vehicle thing… We simply love our 2F gas powered engines! But no matter what our opinion is of these electric powered vehicles, change is inevitable. Will we start transplanting EV systems into 40-Series? We don’t know. But we are located in Colorado Springs, 755ft higher than the “Mile High City” of Denver, Colorado. We are aware of the National Electric Drag Racing Association. and their many 1/4 mile achievements, but maybe they can tone down the 60-ft times and expand the 1320ft goal to 1,320-miles!

OK, we will settle for a 300-mile range! Our Land Cruisers are heavy! Maybe instead of steel sheetmetal we will have some type of DEVO plastics or maybe some Swift Engineering carbon 40-Series tubs and 80-Series shells to lower the weight for more efficiency! Maybe then, Snow Peak will make carbon fiber chopsticks and Coleman will update their vintage stove with a carbon kevlar shell. Maybe we will have some 3D printed Inconel forks and spoons! Yes, Inconel, the material used to make  F1 & WRC exhaust. More on exhaust, give this a read. As far as 3D printing Inconel, watch Stephan Papadakis explain the process!

We all have to dream! We may sleep in “boxes” but we don’t have to limit our dreams to the box.

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