1F Holley Sniper Installation Process; RL1051 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter, RL1049/50 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter & RL1055 1F Sniper Throttle Cable Manifold Bracket – HOW TO:

RL1051 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter
RL1049/50 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter  
RL1055 1F Sniper Throttle Cable Manifold Bracket

First off, THANK YOU! Not just for supporting Red Line Land Cruisers by buying these parts to adapt a Holley Sniper EFI system on your Toyota Land Cruiser, but for the conscious choice of revitalizing an 1F Toyota engine!  Now lets get you started!

 RL1051 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter

Apply thin coat of No.2 Gasket Sealer to BOTH SIDE of the gasket.

While you have your No.2 Gasket Sealer handy, add sealant to all (4) of the supplied 30mm Cap Head Bolts. Why?

Inside the engine side of the intake manifold, the bolt holes are “through-holes” and we do not want any chance or excuse for unmetered air entering into the intake manifold.

If you look closely on the outside bolt holes as well, the potential for air to sneak into these bolt orifices needs to be stopped as well.
Use the No.2 Gasket Sealer on all four bolts!

With your manifold gasket, with No.2 Gasket Sealer applied to both sides, you are ready to mount the billet aluminum adapter plate.
(Yes, we are showing you a manifold gasket with no sealant for visual placement purposes only – USE THE GASKET SEALANT – BOTH SIDES!)

Now you can drop in your 30mm Cap Head Bolts (with No.2 Gasket Sealer applied) into the corresponding bolt locations
of the RL1051 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter.

Using an X-pattern, slowly and incrementally torque each bolt to 11-ft/lbs.

Used the supplied 12mm nuts to “double nut” the studs as we will torque these in as well.

Torque the studs to 11-ft/lbs. into the manifold adapter.

Remove the brass PCV Hose fitting and give it a teflon tape wrap.

The PCV Hose fitting is 14mm. Snug and done but don’t over do it.

Now your RL1051 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter is installed onto your 1F engine. Don’t rush, take your time, double-check all your work as patience is a virtue. Think “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsig.

Before you place the Holley Sniper headunit on the manifold adapter, take this time and install the
Yes, give it a quick Teflon thread tape treatment.

Snug it, do not over tighten the 22mm Reducer Bushing into the 1F engine block.
Doing this prior to installing the Holley Sniper headunit will make installation easier.

nstall the Holley Sniper Coolant Temp Sensor into the Reducer Bushing.

Place the Holley Sniper headunit gasket onto the 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter.
(Gasket supplied with Holley Sniper headunit)

Now you can carry slide the Holley Sniper EFI headunit onto the 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter.

We supply you with the hardware with the 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter.
Add the flat washer, lock washer and 12mm bolt (only two threads), as the backside bolts are a little trickier to thread on and you may want to lift the headunit just a bit.

With all four bolts on, now you can tighten them down using an X-pattern.
Don’t gorilla the bolts, but don’t butterfly them either – snug and tight, but not too tight!

Holley Sniper headunit is installed!

RL1049/50 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter 

Now we can install the RL1049/50 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter bits.

Place the two pieces of the 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter together as such. Before you bolt down down tight, you will have to do aligning to make sure the air filter inlet alights properly. We will remind you down to “reverse” and tighten the Air Cleaner Adapter into place. You can add the bolt and snug it down to hold itself in place, but you will come back and do a final tightening of the bolt.

Locate the Gasket, Pipe 17848-60021 and finger on some grease all over it.
It will help with both installation and sealing.

You may need to open the flanges up after being clamped down for forty-seven plus years.

Now you can install the Gasket, Pipe 17848-60021  into the Air Filter Cleaner “arm.”

You will have to ever so gently push the gasket into place.

Yes, you may have to use some strategical instrumentation adaptation as long as you are very careful to not pinch or cut the gasket.

Place the air filter clamp back on and this is where you will check-adjust-position the 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter into it’s “best fitment” place.

DON’T FREAK OUT! Don’t freak out like we did during our prototype session as we noticed a gap that we didn’t like and thought we had made some mis-measurements.

This is not an accurate mathematical presentation of the Holley Sniper with Red Line 1F Sniper Manifold Adapter and 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter side-by-side to the Toyota factory 1F carburetor, but we thought we had made our adapter system too tall making the air filter inlet tube sit “cock-eyed.” Sometime you just have to do some “bench racing!”

Thus we went back and re-installed the factory 1F Toyota carburetor to see what went wrong. What we found was that that the air filter inlet did not fit flush on the carburator either. But how could Toyota engineers not have gotten the angle alignment correct and or not what we’ve come to expect from TEQ fitment???

So we have to check our other engines and see if we had a “one-off” or consistency in fitment. We found that same “little gap” between the air filter and the neck of the carb. It has enough overlap to seal, but it just seemed out that it was not flush all the way around. We scratched our heads a bit and thought, maybe we fix the “visual disturbance” as we can change our CAD drawing to design in the angle and offset, but when we discussed it with Crazy Steel Customs (our machine shop technical partner), he said it would add a time delay and additional cost to our part so we made the executive decision to not make the change and keep the cost as minimal as possible. We are talking about 1F engines here… It would not have been a major technical advantage and would only satisfy our visual discrepancy.

So here we go! Once you get the test-fit alignment of the air filter set, you can now remove the air clean top and tighten the 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter into place.


Yes, we will say it again, once you get the test-fit alignment of the air filter set, you can now remove the air clean top and tighten the 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter into place.

Torque the 1F Sniper Air Cleaner Adapter bolt to 60-in/lbs.

Now you can put your air filter back together after your find where you put the wing nut.
They do have a tendency to walk off. If yours escapes before you catch it, we have factory Toyota Wing Nuts. Do you think they migrate with the Monarch’s?

Located under the lid of the Air Filter canister is this barb and is the Fresh Air Port that you will connect to the Charcoal Canister.

 RL1055 1F Sniper Throttle Cable Manifold Bracket 

Install the Red Line Land Cruisers RL1055 1F Sniper Throttle Cable Manifold Bracket as such with the supplied hardware.

We are positioning the ball stud, supplied with the Midnight Series Throttle cable, in this position. Why?

We chose this position based on the angle between the ball stud and where the cable itself will pass through the RL1055 1F Sniper Throttle Cable Manifold Bracket for the optimum cable efficiency and feel.

More 1F Sniper Accessors coming soon. 






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