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Genuine Toyota Land Cruiser parts, replace parts with Toyota specifications, best in upgraded aftermarket parts, and Red Line Land Cruiser designed precision parts.

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Looking to add some accessories to your Toyota 4WD? Red Line Land Cruisers is here to help. From lift kits to rooftop tents we can get your truck in the shop and install any accessories with the same attention to detail we put into our RestoMods.

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  • Air Compressor Mounting and Wiring
  • Suspension Upgrades and Lift Kits
  • Roof Rack and Rooftop Tent Installation
  • Auxiliary light Installation
  • Switch Panels Wiring
  • Bumper and Sliders Installation
  • Skid Plate and Armor Installation
  • Any 4×4 Accessory Installation

Bring your accessories to us to install or we are available to help order parts through our network of manufacturers. We will warranty our labor, but no warranty will be provided on parts not ordered through Red Line Land Cruisers.

Install your Holley Sniper Fuel Injection correctly with Red Line Land Cruisers’ line of Sniper install accessories.

In stock and ready to be installed by Red Line Land Cruisers or DIY.

Designed and developed in-house for optimal performance.

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    Red Line Land Cruisers of Colorado Springs, Colorado specializes in crafting the best Toyota off-road parts on the market today. From our meticulous design to our exacting standards of fabrication, we never ship anything but the best. We also carry products from manufacturers that pay as close attention to detail as we do.

    We will only fabricate and sell products we would install on our own rigs. Whether looking for service or parts for your Toyota, interviewing companies to restore your vintage Land Cruiser, or shopping for your next FJ, Red Line Land Cruisers is your trusted source for service, restorations, parts, and more!

    Are you ready to drive your “dream-classic” Toyota Land Cruiser or kit out your Toyota for overland adventures? Red Line Land Cruisers is ready to bring that dream to your driveway. Do you want to revive the old rust barn find? Looking to restore a family member’s favorite truck? Want a 40-year-old truck to drive and feel like brand-new with all the modern comforts? Want to prep your rig for Baja, Death Valley, or any cross-country or RTW trip? Or do you simply want to tackle the wild and daily commute to work? Red Line Land Cruisers builds them all!

    The scope of our work here at Red Line Land Cruisers
    Restoration: the term restoration is thrown around a lot these days but a proper restoration is very time-consuming and expensive. We found that most people use the term “restoration,” but are actually looking for a Resto-Mod or Revival. A proper Restoration uses as many factory original manufactured or OEM parts as possible. The best practice is to use only the correct parts for the vehicle’s VIN. It takes time to find the correct parts in good working condition.

    Vintage 4×4 Resto-Mod: We find that most of our clients land in the Resto-Mod category. This is a classic 4×4 vehicle with all the modern comforts. Power Steering, AC, Cruise Control, BlueTooth Stereo, Fuel Injection, Disc Brakes, and more, allow these classic trucks to be comfortably driven daily.

    Land Cruiser Revival: We love doing vehicle revivals, bringing the vehicle back to life. We go over the vehicle with a fine-tooth comb to fix and repair every detail we can with the correct factory parts, allowing the vehicle to be safe and reliable on the road again.

    The Rock Rod: Red Line Land Cruisers will perfectly combine modern comforts with extreme suspension flex and armor to allow you to follow buggies on rock crawling trails in your classic 4×4 vehicle. Safety and reliability are first and foremost, then off-road capabilities without sacrificing on-road ability.

    Overland Expo Spec: Be it a classic or modern Toyota Land Cruiser, simplicity, and reliability are the winning attributes of an overland expedition build. You can throw lots of stuff at a build, but does it all work together and most importantly, how reliable is your base? Our overland builds may seem basic, but they continually work in the most remote locations.

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